All roads lead to Motorhome Friendly Rotorua


As your hosts for the 65th NZMCA National Rally and AGM being held over Easter weekend (April 2 – 4, 2021) the Rotorua Area encourages all members to come along for what will be a great holiday in the geyser capital of New Zealand.


Rotorua has so many surprise activities and places to offer its visitors we are using ‘Full of Surprises’ as the theme for this rally.

The dress theme for the rally is to also be ‘Full of Surprises’ in that we want you to surprise us with whatever you choose to wear as part of the fun. We are already getting feedback on how great it is going back to a traditional Easter weekend for this event.  So, we do hope members will take advantage of this and turn up in droves to enjoy a great time in the wonderful city of Rotorua.  

For those who want a longer stay to enjoy all that Rotorua has to offer, remember we do have our Rotorua NZMCA Park at Ngongotaha which is able to hold up to 120 motor caravans.

If you are a mountain biker, then bring your bikes with you as Rotorua is fast becoming the mountain bike capital of the world with its myriad of mountain bike tracks that traverse the natural environment of bush and lakes.

The National Rally itself will be held at Te Arawa Park Raceway which is within easy walking distance of the town centre and supermarkets.  

Although the formal part of the rally will be from Good Friday through to Easter Sunday, entry to the rally will be on Thursday, 1 April with departure on Monday, 5 April.  

As part of the rally programme we will be offering members the opportunity to take a  ‘duck tour’ on one of the ex-marine landing craft ‘ducks’ used by a local tour company to do sightseeing around the district and on some of the lakes.   For those that have not seen much of Rotorua and its many lakes this will be a  ‘must do’ event. Those travelling up from the South Island can enjoy a leisurely trip north and take in the excellent sights offered in three different routes from Wellington.    

The North Island east coast route which starts with a trip over the Remutaka Hill into the Wairarapa is well worthwhile, enabling you to take in the great attractions that the Wairarapa has to offer before venturing up through the sunny Hawke’s Bay to Napier.   The Hawke’s Bay has so much to offer that  it would be a pity not to take it all in before crossing over to Taupo for a rest up before travelling to Rotorua for the rally.

Then there is the North Island west coast route from Wellington which will take you through the attractive river city of Whanganui where you can take in the many sights before venturing up into Taranaki and the city of New Plymouth.  

There is so much to enjoy on the drive north from Whanganui to New Plymouth that you will want to spend a few days doing this. From New Plymouth you then venture further up the coast and eventually inland to the King Country shearing capital of Te Kuiti.  

After a rest up at Te Kuiti you can then take the eastern route through Benneydale to Rotorua whilst stopping at Pureora along the way to ride the Timber Trail if you happen to be a biker. 

For the less adventurous, or for those with time constraints, then there is the direct route from Wellington through SH1 to Waiouru where you can visit the famous Army museum and take in the glorious mountain views of Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro.

So, put the Easter Rally at Rotorua in your 2021 diary, then early next year commence your journey from all points of the compass to Rotorua for a wonderful Easter weekend rally, a renewal of old friendships and making many new friendships.  

Rotorua Easter Rally Organising Committee