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12 September 2018

For those exploring SH2 by motorhome or campervan will have a new site in which to refill water and have access to a dump station. 

Tui Brewery, located in the Tararua township of Mangatainoka, has just opened a new dump station to motorhomes and campervans either visiting the brewery or staying across the road at the Mangatainoka Reserve. Open during brewery hours, the dump station and water refilling station will provide another alternative for those travelling north or south along SH2 – a popular touring route linking Hawke’s Bay with Wairarapa and Wellington. 

The dump station is an extension of the Plants and Pints initiative Tui implemented in 2017 which saw staff gift a native tree for visitors staying at the Reserve to plant. Since then more than 1000 native have been planted along the banks of the river and within the reserve. Tui Brewery’s onsite nursery have been a hive of activity with staff planting more seedlings to keep up with demand. The Tui Brewery team have also made improvements to the picnic tables, pathways and driveway in the Reserve with funds raised at their various events. 

“The Mangatainoka Reserve is located on the banks of the Mangatainoka River, the main water source for the brewery to use in making its beers,” says Rosie Rogers, from Tui Brewery. 

“We’re encouraging all visitors staying here to leave the environment in better shape than they found it and now, they can also enjoy our new onsite facilities that will make their travel experience more enjoyable.” 

Rosie also encourages those staying at the Mangatainoka Reserve to pop across the road to the brewery and enjoy lunch outside in the garden bar and do a brewery tour, which traces Tui’s 129 year history and includes a visit to the state of the art brewery. 

Tui Brewery & Tui HQ Cafe; POP, 4930 on the online TD & Travel App; Mangatainoka Reserve; Free Parking, 4929 on the online TD & the Travel App; Tui Brewery PDS; Dump station, 4931 on the online TD and the Travel App (take note: dump station has specific opening hours, details on the TD and Travel App listings).

Many, many thanks to the Tui Brewery team for their love and unwavering support for two favourite Kiwi things- freedom camping and the great New Zealand outdoors!

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