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Plenty to do on SH2

02 November 2017

As a cultural icon, Tui Brewery takes its corporate responsibility seriously, ensuring that it gave something back to a community that has been enjoying its product for generations.

Two favourite Kiwi things- freedom camping and the great New Zealand outdoors have benefited from this. The Tui Brewery has opened up two Park Over Property sites- #4930 and #4929 on the Travel Directory for overnight parking for self-contained vehicles and TD site #4930 is on the grounds of the historic brewery and tower itself in Mangatainoka.

With its Plants & Pint project, Tui planted over 400 native trees in the  Mangatainoka Reserve freedom campsite on Arbor Day in June of this year. The project gave anyone staying at the reserve freedom campsite a free native plant from the brewery. They can then plant their tree at the reserve campsite to add to the planting Tui have already done. The campers then return the spade to the brewery and Tui will shout them a drink

Continuing onto The Department of Conservation’s (DOC) celebration of Conservation week which ran from the 14th of October to the 22nd, Tui Brewery joined forces with Pukaha Mount Bruce to create outstanding experiences at each other’s sites. 

The Pukaha aviaries hold wildlife that are part of national recovery programmes for critical and endangered New Zealand species. Pukaha allows you to see these breeding programmes in action. With recovery programmes for whio, p?teke, kakariki, kaka, kiwi, shore plover and tuatara. The Pukaha efforts have seen hundreds of native wildlife returned to the wild.

The two teams have even been busy sprucing up each other’s sites. Pukaha and Tui Brewery have taken part in volunteer efforts such as tidying up Pukaha’s aviaries and planting native trees at Tui Brewery Mangatainoka Reserve freedom campsite.

The best way to hear first-hand what these iconic tourism destinations do is to book a guided tour. Pukaha and Tui Brewery have launched a guided tour voucher that allows you to get 20% off a direct booked guided tour at each other’s sites. The same deal is on offer at each site. With all vouchers valid until December 15th 2017 you can take your time exploring SH2 and these world class tourism spots.

For more information contact:
Laura Hutchinson-Pukaha Mount Bruce 0272441221
Rosie Broughton-Tui Brewery- 0274208383

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