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Great news for NZMCA Data customers

29 May 2018

And that means, of course, that you can cancel your existing home connection and save yourself some money.

It’s true – and Wireless Nation Managing Director Bill Smale says more and more NZMCA members are clicking onto this great way to get maximum value from their connection. Introduced to provide members with motorhome and caravan broadband that is fast, consistent and affordable, the NZMCA Data packages provide big data at very competitive prices. As a result, a growing number of members are using the service to ensure they’re able to surf the net, stream video and do all their online banking from their motorhome or caravan. But what not everyone realises, says Mr Smale, is that when you’re not on the road you can easily use the Wireless Nation product in your home – saving you the cost of a separate home data service.

“All you need to do is take your NZMCA Data modem out of your motorhome and caravan, switch over the 12-volt power cord to the 240- volt one, switch it on and you’re away. “It’s that easy,” says Mr Smale. “And you don’t need to worry about tracking down passwords to set it up again – all your existing connections will open up automatically via the NZMCA Data modem.” 

There’s another great advantage Wireless Nation can offer NZMCA Data customers that you mightn’t know about either. Do you know that if you have your landline service and number with Wireless Nation you can take your landline phone away with you in your motorhome or caravan? Again, just plug it in to your Wireless Nation modem and your existing landline phone will ring as if you were at home – same number, same everything. How convenient is that? It costs just $23 a month and that includes free local and national calls via landline. You can request the home phone add-on by contacting Wireless Nation directly and they’ll provide you with more details on how to move your phone number over to them. With services like those, it’s no wonder that Wireless Nation has been honoured with two prestigious awards in recent months.

Firstly, the company picked up the hotly contested Best Rural Broadband Provider Award at the inaugural Broadband Compare Awards. Then, over Easter at the National Rally, Wireless Nation (along with RSE) was honoured with the presentation of the Dick Waters Memorial Trophy. The trophy is presented annually by the NZMCA Board in memory of Immediate Past- President Dick Waters, to the NZMCA partner or sponsor who the Board considers has done the most to support the organisation over the past year.

For more information or to join Wireless Nation’s award-winning services for NZMCA members, go to, choose your plan and sign up online, or call Wireless Nation on 0800 101 143.

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