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NZMCA Data May 2017 Update

05 May 2017

(uploaded 5th May 2017)

Using your NZMCA Data connection at 'home'

A lot of our customers who are casual motorhome/caravan users are loving the fact that most can use their NZMCA Data connection at their physical home address too.

This means if you’re heading back ‘home’ over the winter break, simply take the modem inside with you, plug it in and if you’re within RBI Wireless coverage it will work*. Please use our coverage map to check if NZMCA Data will work at your 'home' address. 

*NB: You may need an antenna installed on the roof of your home if you’re outside the ‘No Aerial’ coverage zone. Populated/urban areas won't show up on the map but they're mostly all in coverage.

FAQs and recent outages

Did you know you can find answers to the most frequently asked NZMCA Data questions on our website?

Also thank you for your patience during the bout of outages that occurred over the back end of the summer which affected some connections. We worked hard around the clock to isolate and fix the fault, and continue to maintain and future-proof the network with new technology. 

There was a traffic hand-over issue between us and our upstream provider that materialised when we reached a specific number of connections. This has been fixed with our supplier and we're certain you’ve been experiencing a much smoother connection over the past few weeks. 

Here's a few tips below that you can try if your internet connection suddenly stops working

  • Check that you're in RBI Wireless coverage. In a lot of cases, users are getting in touch saying their internet is not working only to find out they're out of coverage!
  • Turn your modem off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on.
  • A factory restart of your modem could also help (please note this restart will reset your Wi-Fi ID and password to default).
  • Check the network status section on our website for any current known outages.
  • Check that your virus protection is up-to-date.


We’re giving away two Google chromecasts which means you can share one with a friend! To enter the draw:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Like the Chromecast competition post pinned to the top.
  • Tag a friend that you would like to share the second Chromecast with.

Also congratulations to Riddle, Heather, Kate and Trevor for being the latest winners of the direct debit competition that runs every month.

It's been very popular so remember that if you want to go into the draw to win a free month with us, every month, you’ll need to be billed by direct debit through your bank account (not credit card).

Simply download this form, fill it in and send the original copy back to Wireless Nation, P.O Box 91359, Auckland 1142. We'll take care of the rest so you can have a chance at winning a free month, every month!

Motorhome forums/groups

We’ve noticed a few comments floating here and there around the internet. We’ve worked super hard with the NZMCA to provide you this solution at a great price.

Thank you to all that have already provided great feedback and comments. We’d love for you all to share your positive experiences online, within specific motorhome forums and Facebook groups if you can! Spread the word and share the love :)


Some of you have been asking for Wireless Nation stickers to place on the back of your motorhomes. We think this is a great idea so we’ve got a whole bunch made (20cm wide x 11cm high).

They’re the same quality as the NZMCA wings so if you’re interested in getting a sticker to put on the back of your motorhome then please reply with your interest to this email.

Thank you for your continued support into 2017 and we hope you'll stay warm and well during the winter months.

Kind Regards,

Wireless Nation Team

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