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Reading your Motor Caravanner PDF on an eBook Reader app

08 December 2017

There are heaps of eBook reader apps out there but two stand-out- Kindle and iBooks for IOS. Kindle is available to download for iOS, Android, Mac and PC while iBooks obviously, are just for Apple devices.

There are obvious advantages to reading the Motor Caravanner PDF on an ebook app:

1. You get to save all of your downloaded MC PDFs in one place; the apps save a copy of it in their virtual 'bookshelf'
2. Dont worry about storage space in your device; you can opt to save the PDF in the cloud.
3. Reading it on an eReader makes for a smoother reading experience as you would an eBook.
4. You can easily look for specific text in the document (e.g. Freedom Camping, RV window blinds etc) which you can do on iBooks.
5. You can annotate or make notes on the pages if you like doing that sort of thing!

And The Motor Caravanner is also the perfect size, fitting in nicely within the portrait orientation of whaveter tablet you're using. But just a reminder- this is not applicable to a stand-alone eBook reader (like a Kindle Fire or a KOBO). The file format that these devices can read is an .epub one. You can technically convert a PDF to .epub but because the magazine is not laid-out in a straightforward way, it won't convert properly.

Getting started

1. Get The Motor Caravanner PDF by logging into the NZMCA website and downloading it in the Members Portal under Useful Downloads or under The Motor Caravanner section in the main menu.
2. Once it has downloaded, click the 'share' or 'send' icon and opt for it to open in your installed eBook reader app.

Some screen-shots below of what it would look like:


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