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The AED (automated external defibrillator) locator app

21 April 2017

According to the NZ Heart Foundation, one in twenty Kiwi adults live with heart disease.

This statistic becomes starkly evident when a cardiac event occurs when one least expects it; like if one is on the road, at a member rally or just parked at an NZMCA Park. An emergency defibrillator is de rigueur in NZMCA member rallies especially for those held in isolated areas. But outside of that, how do you get hold of one when you need it?

Trust technology and a passionate Auckland paramedic Gareth Jenkin to come up with an invaluable tool in the form of an app.

Developed for free by Able Technology, the aedlocations app went live in 2011 offering the  location of 1,200 AEDs all over New Zealand. Today, over 6,000 locations have been mapped though Jenkins reminds users that they can help with keeping location information up-to-date as they can’t completely guarantee that all AEDs will be accessible, in full working order, or still in the same location. 

And just like the NZMCA Travel app, it is available for Android and IOS (for Android download it from the Google Play store, for IOS go to the App store). 

Fast Facts:

  1. People were dying within 50 metres of an AED because no one knew it was there
  2. An AED can increase someone's chance of survival by up to 80% if applied immediately.
  3. There is no legislation requiring practices to hold AEDs onsite, and it is not compulsory for Cornerstone accreditation.
  4. Many secondary schools and universities have their own AEDs, as do many RSAs and bowling clubs.

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