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Friday's Did You Know (2)

13 May 2016

I get a lot of questions about how to download the Travel app onto an Android phone or why it behaves this way or that. And even as I'd love to be able to give a specific answer, I can't unless I have that same (Android) phone (sorry, but I've been an Apple user as far back as I can remember!).

Because did you know that as of 2015, there are more than 24,000 unique Android devices, both smartphones and tablets (holy cow!)?

Comparing this with Apple which technically, has only three or four models currently running (all using a current iOS) might make us iPhone or iPad users feel lonely, but we're not. I personally like consistency and continuity because that means I don't need to spend any more time on my device than I already do (which is a lot) just to figure out how it works. And this is what Android users experience when they get another Android phone thinking it's the same as their previous one (a different brand)- it won't be, and there are differences depending on what brand it is.

This is not saying that Apple is more superior to Android- it just means that it's easier finding out what works and what doesn't and translated to member enquiries, more definitive answers with regards to questions for Apple devices.

But then there's also a limit as to what technical advice we can give for both Apple and Android users.

There's this expectation that we're technical experts and we're not- we're simply proficient. I can never emphasize this enough but the association has provided for this resource and members for their part, need to understand the device they're using it with.

Do your research- Googling in this sense is very helpful. Ask the staff at Noel Leeming or Vodafone if you patronise these stores as they've set-up in-store assistance to help you with your device. Ask the help of family and friends.

Some Important Points for Would-Be Android Users

1. There's always a link to the Google Playstore on every Android phone/device.

2. Create a Google Account prior as some phones compell you to sign in first before you can make any purchase (paid and free) on the Google Playstore. 

3. The Travel app works on Android versions 4 or newer so if you're buying a second-hand phone, make sure it came out in late 2011 or after.

4. There are rare instances when you have a relatively new Android phone, or a phone with a current Android OS but that you can't seem to download the Travel App. If you have this issue, email [email protected] to have your phone brand/model verified if it's an app issue or a phone issue.

(Graphic above from showing OpenSignal's visual representation of Android devices currently in use).

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Rik Holmes
Rik Holmes - 64506

I agree, as a "techie/geek" who looks after corporate email and apps, Android phones and tablets present the most issues in downloading or getting stuff to work as they all seem to have their own build and app differences.
I have nothing against any Android/Apple/Windows device, and welcome the variety that everyone has to choose from to own the device that works for them. It would be nice though, if Android builds showed a little more consistency from model to model :)

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