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14 August 2016

QUESTION: How do I locate the Download Key for the Travel Directory? I have logged in, proceeded to Travel Directory page but I am unable to see anything that allows me to download the updated Travel Directory. I have tried on Microsoft Edge and Windows Explorer 10.


Roy Jobin


Hi Roy,

Just to clarify what you mean by 'the Download Key for the Travel Directory…and of downloading the updated Travel Directory’?

At the moment, the only major NZMCA publication you can download is the bi-monthly Motor Caravanner ( The Travel Directory has an online version that's up-to-date ( ) and if you want to look at what has been updated so far since the book was printed last year, you can view them here (again, it's online)

The GPS form of the Travel Directory can also be downloaded, but only to stand-alone GPS devices (

Hope this helps!


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Brian Pinnell
Brian Pinnell - 9352

I just want to look at the Motor Caravanner, not download it. How do I do that

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