Conditions for NZMCA members to redeem the rate:

1. NZMCA Members need to present their valid membership card (physical or e-card) at participating campgrounds and request ‘CAMPSAVER’ (or something to that effect) to receive the CampSaver rate for the relevant season’s deal. Failure to mention or ask to use the rate may result in the campground charging their normal rate.

2. CampSaver is only for active, financial NZMCA members. Memberships are non-transferrable and should not be lent to non-members for them to redeem the rate.

3. For a non-member travelling with an NZMCA member, to have the rate extended to them they must be travelling in the same vehicle as the card holder. If they are travelling in a separate vehicle they are not entitled to the discount.

4. A membership card (physical or electronic) should be presented at campgrounds & the CampSaver rate requested to be used. Failure to mention or ask to use the rate may result in the campground charging their normal rate. Campgrounds may ask for a secondary form of ID to verify this.

5. It is up to the discretion of the campground if the rate is given:

  • When the member fails to request the rate.
  • When the membership card is lost or expired. Over the phone confirmation of membership can be given by calling the NZMCA - 09 298 5466 ext. 704 (between hours 8-4:30, Mon-Fri) or members can produce their e-card, available on the NZMCA App or website.

7. All long weekends/public holidays, anniversary days and select peak weekends (relevant to specific campgrounds) are excluded from the program.

  • Participating campgrounds are not required to offer the rate during these dates.
  • Campgrounds may offer the rate during any of the excluded periods if they choose to do so.

8. Select participating campgrounds have a limited number of powered sites. It is a first come, first serve basis, and if powered sites are not available, a non-powered site will be offered at the CampSaver rate.

What does ‘Campsaver’ affect, at a campground?

The cost of a powered (or non-powered) site for 1 or 2 adults in a vehicle is replaced by the CampSaver ‘fixed rate’: $22 for 2 ($18 for 1). When travelling in the same vehicle, the cost for extra adults is charged at up to $11, and children charged at up to $5.
The cost of a powered (or non-powered) site has a 25% discount applied to it, and applies to 2 members in a vehicle. The discount may not apply to the cost of one person in a vehicle if the discount price is lesser than $18. A camp may be unable to offer a single person rate, in which case the cost of one person will be charged at the discount rate of 2 in a vehicle. It is up to the discretion of the individual campground whether the 25% discount includes extra adults (above 2 members in a vehicle) or children - the discount rate may solely apply to members whose names are on the membership card.
Each campground has their own definition of what they consider a ‘child’ & may choose to offer specific ages free of charge.
There may be an additional fee for use of any facilities as not all facilities are inclusive in the cost of a site. Facilities offered and their costs will be different at each campground.
A campground may be unexpectedly closed entirely during the CampSaver period for reasons such as maintenance, illness, planned holidays etc.
All campgrounds determine the max length of time a person can stay at their campground on the CampSaver rate. Once the max night stay has been met it is at the campgrounds discretion whether members must pay full price or negotiate for a longer stay on the CampSaver rate. Camps may also enable members to return to the camp on the CampSaver discount after a consecutive night stay away from the camp, or choose not to offer the CampSaver rate to members once the max night stay has been met (even upon leaving and returning).
A campground may have additional exclusions outside the generic exclusionary periods if they are deemed 'peak periods'. These dates are agreed upon between the camp and National office.
These are times set out by the campground and are compulsory for members to abide by. Members may call ahead to negotiate for arrival prior to check in times stated. Fees may apply for early arrival or late departure.
The size of a powered or non-powered site at each campground varies in size. It will be clearly stated on the travel directory listing if there is a max vehicle length at any campground, where vehicles exceeding the length limit are not able to stay at that campground. For the camps who do not have a max. length specified on their listing, there may instead be additional fees for 'large' vehicles. Camps may also charge additional fees if the total vehicles on one site exceed 2 - this is uncommon, and at the discretion of the campground.
Depending on the size of the campground and how busy it is, a campground is able to reserve a small number of sites at their discretion that are not available on the CampSaver rate. CampSaver sites are subject to availability and we recommend you call ahead.


The agreement made between the NZMCA and participating campgrounds is that CampSaver affects the ‘rate’ at a campground. Policies and procedures of the campground outside the rate are not dictated by the NZMCA. Failure to check the information provided in the Travel Directory/App and campground’s website may result in member dissatisfaction of the program. Participating camps are not liable to make any exceptions to NZMCA members. The NZMCA cannot guarantee that all the information provided in the Travel Directory/App, and each campground’s website is up to date as the information is subject to change, so members must always call ahead