The DOC/NZMCA Campsite Pass is an exclusive arrangement between the Department of Conservation and the NZMCA

For over 20 years the Department of Conservation and NZMCA members have benefited from the DOC campsite pass. It provides members with greater opportunities to explore NZ’s great outdoors and engage in conservation activities. The pass allows members and their families to camp in their motor caravans at vehicle accessible DOC campsites nationwide, without paying the per person overnight fee. 

The pass provides substantial savings for members when you consider normal campsite fees range between $8.00 - $16.00 per adult and $4.00 - $8.00 per child, per night. For example, the average couple camping at DOC campsites stand to save $200 - $800 (or more) per year while enjoying the benefits of the pass.

DOC has over 170 vehicle accessible campsites for members to enjoy. Further information on these campsites can be found in the NZMCA members Travel Directory, Travel App, or by visiting

Note: the pass is valid for use at DOC campsites and only when purchased by a financial member who is the registered owner of the motor caravan for which the pass is issued.  Members will need to purchase additional passes if they go camping in more than one motor caravan. 

Current passes

NZMCA financial members are welcome to purchase the exclusive DOC / NZMCA campsite pass.  The pass allows members and their occupants to camp in their motor caravans at over 200 motor caravan accessible DOC campsites nationwide, without paying the per person overnight fee.

Further information on motor caravan accessible DOC campsites can be found in the NZMCA members’ Travel Directory and Travel App. More information can be found in DOC’s Conservation Campsite brochures or at via DOC’s website.

There are substantial savings for NZMCA members when you consider the standard fees for children and adults staying at applicable DOC campsites.

Please ensure you read these terms and conditions before deciding to purchase a campsite pass.  The terms and conditions include a list of excluded DOC campsites from the pass. The pass can only be used during the dates below.

Current option available to NZMCA financial members is:

  • Five Month Pass - $175 incl. GST, valid from February 10, 2020 to June 30, 2020 (inclusive) 

Payment: We encourage all members to sign in, fill out the form and pay by credit card. The form and credit card details are submitted via a secure server and your payment is processed via DPS. By applying and paying online, you will receive your campsite pass in the mail a lot sooner than applying by post and paying by cheque. However, if you prefer to pay by cheque please fill out the application form in your latest Motor Caravanner magazine. Only one campsite pass can be issued per vehicle registered to and owned by the member applying.

Please ensure all of your details are correct when applying, including the address you require the pass to be mailed to.


Dogs and DOC

Dogs on conservation land

Following a few simple rules keeps you, your dog and wildlife safe.


One form must be comleted at each unmanned DOC campsite and placed in the Iron Maiden or given to the ranger on arrival
The following serviced DOC campgrounds are excluded all year from the DOC/NZMCA Camp Site Pass