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Electrical Inspectors

A current electrical warrant of fitness is a requirement of law in New Zealand if the mobile home/caravan is to be connected to the 230 volt supply system.

It used to be valid for four years from January of the year of issue. This has now changed to 48 months from the date of issue.

A warrant can only be issued by a registered electrical inspector, and because their signature and registration number are on the form, they certainly will not issue it unless all testing is complete and up to standard.

The person issuing the warrant must leave a copy of the WOF form together with an identifying sticker for the vehicle window with the applicant. The warrant form, a copy of that form, or the WOF sticker shall be deemed to be proof of compliance.

Any registered electrical inspector can issue an electrical warrant.

Members can log into the Member's Home Page to access a list of electrical inspectors by area.

There will be a charge for your warrant as electrical inspectors have some substantial costs to maintain their equipment and practicing licence.

The maintaining of your WOF is a safety issue, and would undoubtedly raise some legal investigation if there were to be a fire or electrical accident.

Always check your electrical WOF before going on your holidays.

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