The Timber Town Romp 2020


Fri 30th Oct - Mon 2 Nov 2020

Tokoroa Events Centre
25 Mossop Road

Ticketing: NZMCA Members

Parking site

Tokoroa Events Centre
25 Mossop Road
New Zealand

**FULLY BOOKED - Thank you for supporting your local area!**

No further bookings will be accepted.

The Timber Town Romp is fast becoming recognised as a weekend full of fun and entertainment. The 2020 festival is set to be bigger and better with an epic lineup of talent that is sure to get you going. This weekend is being hosted by the Waikato NZMCA Area at the Tokoroa Events Centre and they are looking forward to welcoming NZMCA members from all over the country.

Legendary names are set to headline this year's festival, check out the line-up below:

  • Friday night to get you up and dancing - Helen Riley 
  • Saturday morning to support the Highland Games - The Hamilton Pipe Band
  • Walk ups on Saturday afternoon supported by the Forestland Varity Music Club  
  • Saturday evening - Kevin Greaves & Midnite Special with special guest star Jody Vaughan
  • Sunday Afternoon - The Big Muffin Serious Band
  • Sunday Evening - Ray Woolf supported by the Mike Walker Trio with special guest star Susanne Lynch

The broad plan for the weekend goes like this:

Friday the 30th of October

  • Parking opens 9am
  • Registration from 9am until 8pm
  • 4pm - Happy Hour, social time catch up with old friends in the hall (quick fire raffles, bring your $1 coins)
  • 7pm - Helen Riley
  • 11pm close

Saturday the 31st of October

  • Registration opens 9am
  • 9am - Raffle sales
  • 10am - All entries for the Highland Games to assemble  
  • 10.30am - Tokoroa Pipe Band start playing
  • 10.30am - The Games commence
  • 1.30pm - Piping in the Haggis
  • 11.30am to 1pm - Food stalls, Tokoroa Primary School & Forestview High School
  • 2pm to 4pm - Walk ups with the Forestland Variety Music Club
  • 4pm - Happy Hour, social time catch up with old friends in the hall (quick fire raffles, bring your $1 coins)
  • 7pm - Kevin Greaves with Midnite Special & special guest star Jody Vaughan
  • 11pm close

Sunday the 1st of November

Bring along your ukuleles to the pre-concert beginners workshop. Described by music teachers as "the best music tuition scheme ever invented", the Muffin's humourous Dancing Chords system will ease you gently into the wonderful world of ukulele playing, then show you different chords and interesting strums. No previous experience required. 

  • 9.00 am to 11am - Raffle sales, all sponsor and table raffles drawn Monday morning
  • 11am to 12mid-day - Good News Vanners hour, open to everyone
  • 1pm to 4pm - The Big Muffin Band
  • 4pm - Happy Hour, social time catch up with old friends in the hall (quick fire raffles, bring your $1 coins)
  • 7pm - Ray Woolf, Mike Walker trio & special guest star Suzanne Lynch
  • 11pm close

Monday 2nd of November

  • 9am - Raffle sales
  • 10am - Results and prize giving for the Highland Games
  • 10.30am - Notices
  • 11am - Sponsors raffles and general table raffles drawn  
  •  Close by the Waikato Chairman

How much does it cost?

$35.00 per person for both parking and entertainment - bookings open on the 1st of August

Can I take my pet?

Pets must always be on a lead - no pets in the Event Centre or on the Oval