An important message from the Board for all members

An important message from the Board for all members

After consideration of the latest advice from the Government and health authorities the NZMCA Board has taken the following four actions to best safeguard the health of all members. 

  • Effective immediately, all rallies (which includes Self-Containment Days and social gatherings) from now until the end of May are cancelled.
  • Effective immediately, all Area and SIG AGMs scheduled to the end of May are to be postponed. Where committee members are stepping down, the Areas and SIGS have been advised to fill the vacancies with interim appointments until the reconvened AGM.
  • All NZMCA Parks will remain open – however any Happy Hour gatherings are banned from Park buildings. Such gatherings must be held outdoors, ensuring those present are able to maintain recommended space.
  • The Board’s scheduled April meeting has been moved from Invercargill to Auckland and it will be closed to members.

In announcing the actions, President Bruce Stanger said they were based on the best information currently available in a situation that’s very much a ‘moving target’.

“As we said in yesterday’s update, there’s no need for panic. We need to stay calm and focus on our #1 priority - safeguarding our members’ health,” said Bruce.

“We are all well aware this pandemic particularly affects the over-60s and as that age group encompasses much of our membership we think it’s important to follow the experts’ advice in regard to cutting down on social interactions.”

To ensure there’s no confusion re the cancellation of rallies, the upcoming issue of The Motor Caravanner will contain the usual listing of Area and SIG rallies with the word ‘CANCELLED’ stamped across those affected by the Board’s decision.


Lynley Bryant

I cannot believe the 'about turns' from this organisation. Like many we are fulltime in our unit and feel let down. Just as well we had a 'plan B'. Will certainly not be loyal to NZMCA in the future.

1 week ago
Russell Hannah

My email is: [email protected] please sent your latest update Covid-19.

1 week ago

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