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Can't log in to the Travel App?

There have been two updates to the Travel App and as it can happen with any app, it broke something- it logged out members who couldn’t log back in even if their login & password were correct

It’s not the end of the world- these are the steps you can take to log back in. 

  • First of all make sure that you do have the correct login and password which you can test by logging into the NZMCA website. 
  • Don’t know how to do this, or how it works? See below
  • Once you’re sure that you have the correct login and password, try logging to the Travel App.
  • If the result is an invalid login, delete the app; restart your device; download & install the app; log back in.

Note: so far, this has been an Android issue

Double check if you have a login and password set on this website

1. Your login and password are the same for the NZMCA website ( and the Travel App (and no, the website and the Travel App are not the same thing!!!)

2. You need to have set up your login and password on the website first before you can log into the Travel App (you need an email address to create a login to begin with).

3. You may have already set this up, but have simply forgotten the password- you can reset this by clicking on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link. 

4. The link to reset your password prompts you to put in an email you’ve entered on your membership. If this is not entered, it will prompt (or typed incorrectly) you with an, ‘Email not found’ message. If you’ve forgotten what this email is (or not sure what it is if you use several), simply send an email to [email protected] asking us to check and to update your details accordingly. NOTE: Emailing is easier and faster than ringing and you’ll have it in writing.

If the result is still an invalid login (breathe deep)

Delete the app again, but this time delete it from the Google Play Store (type in NZMCA Travel on the search bar). After deleting it & while still on the same page, tap to Install. See the images below if you're not sure on how to do this.

Any other known issues?

Conflict with the Campermate App

This is an older issue that was resolved in the past, but can crop up again on some devices.

What it does? The app installs just fine but midway, a message crops up shown in the screen-shots above, and the app either stops or shuts down.

How to fix it: Delete both the Travel App and Campermate and re-install both again.

Good old-fashioned User Error

Yes, this happens to everyone!

Watch out when the app pre-fills your login and password; some have reported the error being that their device has saved older (therefore incorrect) logins and passwords and was pre-filling them in. Type over them.

Watch out what you type; deleting and re-installing the app 10 times can do anyone's head in. It can also make you prone to making a mistake typing those tiny characters. Take a deep breath first before getting into it again. 


Derryn Hyde

One thing that I found with this app is that the login is also case sensitive as well as the password. Usually only the password is but in this instance . . .

6 months ago
Garth Haylock

One thing that I have noticed when having trouble logging in is that the phone entered my email address, and then automatically added a space at the end of the address, which is picked up as a character and comes up as invalid email. If you get this problem, you need to delete that space after the .com or

6 months ago
Janet Scott

When I put the password in.. it displays it instead of hiding it!

6 months ago
Mike Hunapo

Take your time, you finally get there, so enjoy, when you get it sorted.

5 months ago
Peter Dalgity

The new app is not compatible with my devise. Why is that

4 months ago
Warwick Bruce

I have spent over 1 hour trying to get the website and travel app sorted and still I am having trouble. First I cannot find the app for the website on my phone. I have to go to my laptop to get it. Once there I can get onto the website. So then I go to my phone and eventually get the travel app I still cant get the website up. Everytime it tells me to log in , I login and back comes the login page again and again. I have uploaded, I have downloaded I am now going around in circles with the website. It appears that since the updates have been put in all strange things are now happening. Before it wernt broke !! Now it appears to be broke As the saying is "If it aint broke dont play with it" Help please as to why and how to fix this app etc I might add that this is the first time on reading the latest mag, I realised the travel app does not get the NZMCA office. It did before Now !!!Thanx

3 months ago
April Whelan

I’m lost , I can’t find the motorhomes app. Please help.

1 month ago
Lindsay Sutton

Unless Im cross eyed the Red Motor home symbol is on RHS of my app /Phone not the left hand side as stated in preamble

3 weeks ago

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