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Covid Alert Level Advisory (1)

Here's what you need to know

In light of the government’s announcement that Auckland will return to level-3 lockdown starting at midday today with the rest of the country going back to level-2, we would like to reiterate some familiar points we’ve said in the past:

We’ve been here before and we know that common sense has served us well. 

There’s no need for panic; we need to stay calm and make clear-headed decisions that are focussed on our #1 priority - safeguarding our members’ health. With a substantial number of members in the over-60s, please err on the side of caution in relation to club activities that have only just resumed. 

Don’t forget to go back to two things that will continue to give us a measure of strong protection; cutting down on social interactions as much as you can and practicing careful handwashing.

What’s happening with the NZMCA Parks?

At this stage, NZMCA parks will remain open in line with the current Alert Level 2 and 3 restrictions.

Members are required to follow all COVID-19 health and safety protocols while staying at the parks, including maintaining good hygiene and physical distancing of at least 2m. 

Members are strongly encouraged to wear masks while outside.

As Auckland is in Alert Level 3, members can only stay at Ardmore & Tui Glen NZMCA parks if they are making their way home or to alternative accommodation.

Please be patient and kind to park custodians while we all work through this together.

We will be implementing the same decisions we have made last time so for those living full-time on the road, be prepared and consider enacting your personal contingency plans in case we remain in a high Alert Level status for an extended period of time. 

What’s happening with scheduled Area and SIG rallies?

At the moment, we are leaving this decision with the Area and SIG Committees. However, we have received word from three Area chairs that their AGMs scheduled this weekend are postponed until further notice just to be on the safe side and we are fully supportive of this. 

We recommend visiting the Rallies page on the NZMCA website  for updates on the status of upcoming rallies. 

Will the National Office be closed?

Same as last time, the National Office will be closed today as staff prepare to work remotely. Phone and email communications will be back to normal tomorrow.

More information to follow as we receive updates from central government over the coming days.

(Update: Level 3 has been extended to Wednesday 26 August 2020).

(For more information visit the official government Covid-19 website ) 

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