FYI: CoF inspection changes that may affect you

A heads up that effective from Monday 17th February 2020, a heavy vehicle will be rejected if it has a high rise towball fitted. These are the type with a long neck and required when towing a trailer fitted with an ALKO stabiliser coupling.

An operator statement of compliance with maintenance requirements for parking brake assemblies on heavy powered vehicles, Form 4985D, must be presented at every CoF inspection once the vehicle exceeds 2 years from the date of first registration in New Zealand, or every CoF inspection from the date of first registration if certified as a used vehicle at the time of entry to New  Zealand.

This form is used by a heavy vehicle operator to confirm that a heavy vehicle's parking brake assembly has been inspected/ serviced by a vehicle technician in the last 24 months and is in good working condition. 

When completing this form the statement for the first time will be 1 and the second 2 etc. This form must be presented every time the vehicle is presented for a CoF inspection and a new form must be obtained every 2 years.

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Grant Bowyer

Is this article about high rise towballs or air-operated parking brakes? It looks like the heading is from one article, the body is from something else.

8 months ago
Staff Partner

Thanks for the heads up Grant; we're verifying the article (it was submitted to us) and we'll update it accordingly.

8 months ago
Wendy Cooper

This is inspected at every c.o.f anyway - so now it will be inspected 6 monthly and every 24 months - hows your maths? More unnecessary red tape, cost, and compliance.

8 months ago
Glenis Ashley

Don’t the testing stations check this every 6months?

8 months ago
Jenny Booth

From what I have found out, firstly the form quoted in the article is wrong, it is 4085D. It would appear that as long as the owner of the vehicle can say that the parking brake system has been inspected that is all that is required.

7 months ago
John Gibbs

So can NZMCA please clarify and update just what this is all about as promised? It's thoroughly confusing at the moment.

6 months ago

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