FYI: Upcoming COFB recheck charges

One aspect that has put pressure on VTNZ's inspection lanes is the marked increase in COFB failure rates. It had to invest significant time and resources into conducting rechecks which VTNZ says, impacts greatly on their ability to efficiently offer their core services. 

VTNZ has traditionally charged COFB recheck fees, scaled to reflect the number of faults noted in the original inspection. However, in recent times some branches have taken a very lenient position on recouping the costs of recheck fees whilst others have been charging. This has led to an inconsistency across the country.

So starting from 20 January, VTNZ will re-establish a consistent approach and where a recheck is required, it will be charged.  As you would understand, skilled resource and time is expended in these rechecks and VTNZ believes the modest fees to cover these are fair and reasonable.

Their branch teams will be doing their best to support NZMCA members with this information, in the locations that have not applied these fees for some time.

Recheck fees effective 20 January 2020

VTNZ would like to thank NZMCA members for their ongoing support and can be assured of continued focus on delivering high quality vehicle inspections.


Don't forget that as an NZMCA member, you’ll get:

Certificate of Fitness (B)   10% (motorhomes only)
Warrent of Fitness   15%
Basic Service*   15%
Pre-purchase Assessment: Comprehensive and Basic   10% (excludes motorhomes)

*discount does not apply to WOF + Basic Service Combo 

Just present your NZMCA membership card or quote account number 306450

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