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Here are some of your favourite nominated ice creams

Kiwis love their ice-cream. When beloved TipTop was sold by Fonterra to European manufacturer Froneri, there was national heartache. With temperatures steadily rising for what is expected to be another hot(ter) summer, it’s the most obvious item one looks for on a stop-over.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise that it’s the one Kiwi Summer Road Trip category that currently leads in nominations. 

Here’s a couple below nominated by members; feel free to agree or disagree, but better still, how about nominating your own favourites? 

And when nominations close in January, 5 of the most popular for each category will be selected. In February, you’ll get a chance to vote on who you think deserves to be called the best.

Submit your nominations for your favourite ice cream, pies, coffee and fish & chips and be in the draw to win one of 4 $500 MTA Gift Cards.

Taste and Flavour

Duck Island (locations, Hamilton and Auckland)

Created a pickle-flavored ice-cream for International Pickle Day this month and if this is not exactly what your taste-buds crave for, they have 26 other flavours to choose from (including vegan). Our personal favourites: Ginger bourbon pecan, Blueberry buttermilk gooey butter cake and Toasted Marshmallow.

Lady Janes (location, Rotorua)

An ice-cream parlour that has been scooping out ice-cream and other treats for over 40 years, it is as ubiquitous & popular as Rotorua’s other tourist attractions. Consistent favourites include Black Dorris Plum, Anzac Coconut Cookie and Hokey Pokey.

I Scream for Ice Cream (location, 37 Kimbolton Rd, Fielding)

This ice-cream parlour was the brainchild of a British expat who opened the store simply because there was a lack of local choices. So if you’re looking for 5 litre- yes, 5 litres- tubs of flavours such as Liquorice All Sorts and Pineapple Choc Chunk, look them up, or better still (stop by, or ) drive up to Motorhome Friendly Fielding.

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Location & Size

Te Kao Local Store (location, 6650 Far North Road, Kaitaia)

It doesn’t bank on being the country’s northern-most dairy though it helps! Its 6-scoop high offering is legendary- and funny especially when tourists try their best to finish it before boarding their bus. But you’re in your motorhome or caravan, so you have all the time in the world to finish it.

Kuaotunu Store (location, 16 Black Jack Road, Kuaotunu)

Hardly the Coromandel's best-kept secret because how could a 5-scoop monster be low-key? Nicknamed the Kuaotunu Killer, 5 generous scoops are served on a double cone with favourites being passionfruit and boysenberry


Rob Roy Dairy (location,George St, Dunedin)

Urban legend has it that Dunedin students hoping to get the best room in their flat take the Goody Goody Gumdrops challenge; the student with the most gumdrops in their Rob Roy Dairy ice cream gets the room. Member favourites include Cookie Time Pie with Maltesers and Peanut Butter Deluxe.

Deja Moo (location, Oamaru)

Their ice cream is made from scratch based on an old 1920s recipe with 60 per cent milk which makes it more intense with a higher fat content. And yes, your pooch can have an icy treat too-they sell doggie treats made with soy. We can’t wait till the 2020 National Rally for a taste of their bestseller- salted caramel popcorn with a liquorice topping, yum!


Frances Coster

Tirohanga Beach Store, Highway 35, Opotiki. Yummy Hokey Pokey, single cone for $3(turned out to be 3 generous scoops)

2 weeks ago
Steve Byrne

Zee Best for Size ,Salesperson ,is Hampden Store yumbozier if I do say so myself ya won't find better go for it.

6 days ago

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