Important update on the NZMCA CampSaver Program

Today, New Zealand officially reaches one week into self-isolation, with its first full day having begun on Thursday 26th of March. This day is also significant, as it marks the 1st day of the CampSaver program. 

As the COVID-19 Alert moved from level 3 to 4, we were notified that campgrounds were one of the approved places which members could self-isolate at during the 4-week lockdown (see full information here). However, due to the uncertain nature of COVID-19, how successfully CampSaver can be brought into effect sits on uncertain terms. 

First and foremost, it’s important to confirm that the NZMCA has every intention of continuing CampSaver this year, in supporting those participating and enabling members with an affordable rate- something needed more than ever during this trying time.

We had planned CampSaver 2020 to be bigger and better than year 1 (complete with 70 participating campgrounds!!) and we’revery optimistic that when everyone is ready to get back out there, we know CampSaver will be even more of a Win/Win for campgrounds and members, especially given the situation.

At this point in time, while CampSaver is technically available, some campgrounds have chosen to close during the lockdown and could remain as such, until further notice. COVID-19 was not part of the ‘CampSaver plan’ (or anyone else’s plan for that matter!), so we ask that during lockdown and following when it’s is lifted, please exercise understanding of how the situation effects all camps and their ability to participate in CampSaver. Expect that there may be campgrounds who won’t reopen and those that are currently open may close for the winter (all at a moments notice). 

During isolation, irrespective of current status, all camps will show as part of CampSaver on the online Travel Directory & Travel App. Toward the end of self-isolation, we will have a better idea of which camps are still participating and will do our best to update this as well as through the official CampSaver page. To accommodate, we will be allowing any campground who chooses to be removed from the program, to re-join later in the year, should they choose to. Hold on to your lists, because there will be no other campgrounds joining past this point. 

Now more than ever, please do your part in calling ahead and checking if CampSaver is still available at each camp - they’re all doing their best to ensure they can. 

P.S: Two campgrounds were added to the program last minute, Getaway Te Anau #9093 & Lake Outlet Holiday Park #8476. Please add them to your list (or download the updated PDF version).



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