McKeown CardFuel's latest offer means guaranteed 14c off per litre on Diesel!

McKeown CardFuel - The largest single card Truck Stop Network with over 104 North and 84 South Island sites.
McKeown CardFuel - The largest single card Truck Stop Network with over 104 North and 84 South Island sites.

One of the best benefits of being a member is great savings on fuel, and this fuel deal just got even better. Say hello to the new McKeown Fuel offer – all you need is ONE Card to get ONE Price on Truck Stop Diesel Nationwide!

The Journey So Far

Back in 2009 the McKeown group launched into the fuel card scene. They created their own network of McKeown branded ‘CardFuel 24/7’ unmanned sites, not only for McKeown 'CardFuel' customers but also for the public to use their eftpos and credit cards on a 24/7 self-serve basis.

In 2017 NZMCA members received their very own McKeown fuel card where not only could they get great savings on fuel at McKeown sites throughout the South Island, but also at all Caltex and Z Truck Stops (and Caltex, Z, and Challenge Service Stations) in both the North and South Islands.

Up until now, members received a discount on Caltex and Z Truck Stops ‘sector pricing’. This meant as you travelled South the price increased at these sites. Because of this, McKeown’s have had one price for their sites and a higher and varied price across the Caltex and Z Truck Stops. There has also been a $12 per card annual fee charged to McKeown’s, which they have had to pass on to members with fuel cards…but not anymore.

NEW McKeown CardFuel price offer

Now, not only have McKeown’s increased the discount for Diesel at their sites, they have secured the same price at all Caltex and Z Truck Stops New Zealand wide. No more zone pricing. The price is based on 14 cents discount on Diesel from the McKeown National Price. (Price available weekly, here). McKeown’s also offer competitive discounts on petrol at all McKeown 24/7 sites as well as all Caltex, Z and Challenge Service Stations.

There’s no annual card fee either! Meaning there are absolutely no fees to set up and maintain a McKeown fuel card.

This is truely now a One Card, One Price Nationwide offer

Truck Stop Discount



McKeown, Caltex, Z

(14c per litre of national price)



(9c per litre off pump price)

Service Station Discount



McKeown, Caltex, Z, Challenge

(8c per litre off pump price)


Caltex, Z, Challenge

(8c per litre of pump price)

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