Motorhome Parking changes for Z Pier at Westhaven

Please be advised that changes are coming to Z Pier Motorhome Parking at Westhaven commencing 11 November 2019.

Westhaven Marina management have advised that any motorhome or caravan longer than 5m MUST now park in the allocated green spaces.

The spaces available (marked in green) are:

  • 12 spaces for 8m
  • 3 spaces for 13m

All motorhomes/caravans on green spaces will need to pay the $40 per day flat rate to a maximum of 4 days.

Please Note: The hourly rate will no longer available to motorhomes.

All changes are effective 11 November 2019

For enquiries: Westhaven Marina, 0800 MARINAS.

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Sue Hunt

This is sods law we were going to stay the night on the 11th!!!

8 months ago

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