Top 10 Questions of the Summer

You've asked the questions- culled and tallied from emails, phone-calls and from social-media- and here are the answers:

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Is the Travel App and the online Travel Directory the same?

Yes and No. They’re the same in the sense that they present the same information (the app syncs with the online TD), but the Travel App is a native app while the online TD can be accessed only on the NZMCA website.

Can I pay my subscription renewal on the Travel App?

At the moment, you can’t; you need to log into the NZMCA website for this.

I need to find a self-containment officer; where can I find one?

You need to log into the NZMCA website & on the Members Portal drop-down menu, select ‘Search for Contacts’- you can also find the contact details for registered plumbers & electrical inspectors here as well.

I think a member has breached the NZMCA Code of Conduct; where can I submit a complaint?

Do you strongly believe that a member has breached the Code of Conduct?

A listing on the online Travel Directory is out-of-date; who do I contact to correct it?

Travel Directory listings may change without prior notice (yes site owners can change details without informing us about it) give us the heads-up by sending an email to [email protected]

Can I reserve a parking space in an NZMCA Park?

Yes you can. There is a policy now that allows you to reserve a parking site during the day. More information here

Where can I find the discount codes for the ferries?

Log into your Members Portal, scroll down & under Quick Links under Plan your journey, find the links under it for the ferry pages

I use a stand-alone GPS; does the NZMCA offer resources for this?

We do. Log into the NZMCA website & more information here But be warned: this is a DIY effort.

I want to know what park over property sites are available where do I look?

The printed TD came out last year & there have been heaps of site changes since then. Look up the online TD or Travel App instead as they are updated every week.

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