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Take me to the coupons!

First of all thank you to all the businesses who have supported this initiative- in these challenging times, helping each other is a very positive force we can all use to get through this.

Using the coupons is simple; download them; use and redeem them as much as you'd like until the 30th of April 2021; read the T&Cs carefully; don't forget to show your Membership card- physical or electronic when redeeming them; contact us directly if you have questions or issues ([email protected]).

NOTE: the coupons ARE NOT currently on the app.

Take some time familiarising yourself with where and how to download them which you can read below.

You can find the coupons here

You can find the coupons in two places; the 1st one is 'Your MHF Discount Coupons' under the Motorhome Friendly (MHF) tab on the main menu. The coupons have been purposely designed to fit your phone; this way, it would be easier to download and then shown to the business you're redeeming it from. Remember to have your membership card ready as well for verification. You can also use your Membership E-Card for this purpose, which is visible when you're logged into the Members Portal.

You can also find the coupons here

When you're browsing through the new Motorhome Friendly Towns homepage, you can find the coupons loaded onto the towns where they are currently available.

And get them here as well!

A selection of 16 deals & discounts have been printed as actual coupons on the Dec 2020/Jan 2021 isse of The Motor Caravanner.

There are two deals back to back and while you can only present and use these once, you can always find their digital equivalent here on the website and use them over and over until 30th April 2021.


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