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Member Offer: 50% off Whale Watching in Kaikoura

18th March, 2019

Whale Watch Kaikoura is pleased to extend free sign-up to the Kiwi Whale Watchers Club for NZMCA members.

This exclusive club entitles you to half price whale watching tours from May – October each year! Get up-close to the Giant Sperm whale or, depending on the season, you may also see migrating Humpback whales, Blue whales, Southern right whales, Beaked whales, Orcas and Pilot whales.

A typical Whale Watch tour may also encounter New Zealand Fur Seals, pods of Dusky Dolphins and the endangered Wandering Albatross. Every tour is a unique experience. Get 50% off your tour today and come visit the locals at our place.


Simple Process:

Go to the Kiwi Whale Watchers Club website page and enter your details. This info will be sent to administrative staff who will confirm your membership.

To book a whale watching tour using the 50% discount, you will need to book via phone 0800 655 121 or email The discount will be applied, and payment taken, at time of check-in for your tour. Please bring your valid NZMCA membership card and photo identification.

If you'd like to join the club and take advantage of the discount please,

--> SIGN UP HERE <--



  • Open to New Zealand citizens and residents only
  • Must be a member of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association
  • NZMCA membership card is required at check in
  • Photo identification is required at check in
  • Applies to adult customers only
  • Membership is free
  • Driving through the area? Go direct to 'Whale Watch Kaikoura' to make a booking


Membership Entitlements

  • Between the special period, 1st May – 31st October each year, the club member will be entitled to a 50% discount off the adult fare for a Whale Watching tour, this discount only applies to travel made by the member
  • Direct bookings only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other specials or deals
  • There is no restriction on the number of tours travelled during the special period
  • 15% discount off any purchase over $15.00 at Flukes Seaside Café 
  • 20% discount off any purchases over $20.00 at the Whale Watch Gift Shop (excluding stamps).
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