The NZMCA Travel App is the app version of the online TD (Travel Directory). It reflects current changes- site updates, new sites, deleted sites- in the online TD on a regular basis.

If you are using Apple devices (iPhones and iPads), you can download the app directly from the App Store. If you are using Android devices (Samsung, Huwaei, etc) download the app from the Google Play Store. On the app search box, simply type in ‘NZMCA Travel App”. It’s a mobile-only app and does not work on laptops and some laptop-tablet hybrids.
Once downloaded, log in with the same login details you have currently set for the NZMCA website- make sure you are a current financial member, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to use the app.
Make sure you've entered the exact same login that you've set for the NZMCA website. if you can't remember what this is, you can reset your login on the NZMCA website.
Yes, otherwise you wouldn't be able to complete the installation. The permission is actually allowing you to access a photo in your device that you want to submit for a site.

How do I use it?

  • After logging in, tap on the menu icon on the upper right-hand side.
  • The menu loads the current Travel Directory  (TD) sites by category - eg. NZMCA Park, DumpStations, etc. There are 10 TD categories in all plus the current CampSaver category. 
  • The app only loads one category at a time for viewing.
  • Tapping on the All Campgrounds, loads ALL the categories so you can view all sites on the map.
  • If you're searching for a specific site by using it's place name, make sure you have All Campgrounds selected first before typing on the search bar- this ensures that it searches through all the categories which is crucial if you don't exactly know what category (POP, CAP etc) is to begin with. 
  • To view more details (description, contact numbers) for a specific site, tap on its tear-drop marker.
  • Do you spot the filter (funnel-shaped) icon after each category? This allows you to filter sites by amenity/facility, eg. pet-friendly, power etc. Select the filter you want and the category only loads sites that have that selected amenity/facility. Note that your selected amenity/facility will remain selected until you de-select it. 
  • Want to pay your NZMCA Park fees? Select the NZMCA Park category and tap on the park you wish to pay the fees for; tap on the Pay Park Fee bar at the bottom which will prompt you for relevant details including payment via a valid credit-card.

LOGIN issues? Click on this link

Paying Your NZMCA Park Fees Via the Travel App

(Update): As of 22nd July 2020, Geozone will be adding a 1.75% card transaction fee to all payments made on apps provided by them. Because the NZMCA travel app is provided by Geozone, this fee will apply to payments made on the NZMCA travel app as well.