What you need to know about NZMCA Data, and why it is the best connection on the road

Back in 2016, Wireless Nation proudly partnered with New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) to improve their members’ accessibility to a reliable internet connection. 

Wireless Nation are winners of the ‘Best Rural Broadband Provider 2017' and  ‘Best Specialist Broadband Provider 2019' category at the Broadband Compare Awards, and the ‘Dick Waters Memorial Trophy’ for Excellence in the Motorhome Industry 2018. In 2020, Wireless Nation was recognised as New Zealand's Best Wireless Service Provider 2020 at the annual Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards. 

As intrepid travellers, NZMCA’s members spend, on average, 75 days per year on the road. Within New Zealand’s remote areas it’s no surprise that internet access isn’t always trustworthy. We’ve endeavoured to provide strong and reliable access to the internet for NZMCA’s members. 

NZMCA Data is a key part of our tailored solution to motorhome & caravan owner’s connectivity.

With modern Wireless Nation technology mostly available all across the country, we’re confident in keeping New Zealanders connected. Find out about the benefits of NZMCA Data.

The benefits of an NZMCA Data connection

When navigating NZ's diverse terrain, motorhome owners have diverse requirements for their internet connection and plan. Our NZMCA Data packages are designed to meet the variety of needs for NZMCA members.

Why is an NZMCA Data connection better to have on the road than a mobile phone?

Stronger signal than a mobile phone

NZMCA Data provides fast 4G-enabled wireless broadband via a home-grade modem.

Use it at home, travelling, or in your vehicle

NZMCA Data isn’t just available when you’re moving.

Pick your plan

NZMCA Data has a range of plans to select from

Helping the NZMCA

It's a win-win