Your guide to affordable campground stays year round!


CampSaver is an NZMCA member benefit providing yet another low-cost parking option.

With CampSaver, you can find a range of affordable campgrounds at your fingertips year round. Each season we partner with select campgrounds nationwide to offer members a guaranteed, attractive low-rate on campground stays. 

There are two official seasons of CampSaver - Winter (off-season) and Summer (shoulder-season)!

CampSaver began as an off-season program in 2019 with 40 odd participating campgrounds, and after a first successful year we brought it back in 2020 for another off-season, bigger and better with 70+ participating campgrounds.

Then in 2020, we introduced a CampSaver shoulder-season, for the in-between of two winter seasons (starting at the end of the 2020 off-season and finishing before the start of 2021 off-season). 

A list of participating campgrounds will be avaliable for each season on this page, a few months in advance of when either season begins. Only on the day either Winter or Summer seasons start will their be a list avaliable on the ONLINE Travel Directory and Travel App.

The current season for the warmer months

It's the new shoulder season-program where you'll find the highest discount available at campgrounds in the warmer months.

How does it work?

Simply present your membership card at any participating campground & request to use the 'CAMPSAVER RATE' (*T & C's apply, see bottom of page)

The Rate

In a vehicle, per night, on a powered site - 25% off the current rate for 1 or 2 people (* T&C's apply, see down the page)

BONUS: Some camps are continuing to offer the Winter rate: $20 for 2 ($15 for 1)

The Shoulder Season

CampSaver Summer is in effect from November 1st 2020 – March 31st 2021. Exclusions:

  • Blackout period from Christmas to Waitangi (Friday 18th Dec - Monday 8th February)
  •  All Anniversary weekends (dates respective to each region)
  •  Some peak occupancy weekends, respective to each campground

The Participating Campgrounds

A printed list was sent to all members alongside the Oct/Nov Magazine. Also available at NZMCA Parks and available on request from National Office. From Nov 1st only camps participating in Summer will be listed on the app under the CampSaver category (any camp not participating has been removed). Camps not shown on printed list - Kaitangata Motor Camp #8954, Kai Iwi Beach Holiday Park #4568, Tapu Creek Campervan Park #2096, Napier Beach Holiday Park #3770, Onaero Bay Holiday Park #4127.

The upcoming winter season and its new rate

In October 2020, the off-season part of CampSaver (at $20 for 2, $15 for 1 - extra adults $10, children $5) came to a close for the year. Now we're in 2021, the off-season deal will return again in April when the summer season finishes, but with a necessary change to better benefit the campgrounds participating.

We need to ensure CampSaver stays as a Win/Win for both members and campground owners alike, and thats why after two years we've made a well-informed decision to increase the rate.  

So, from 1st April to 31st October 2021, experience CampSaver Winter at the new rate of $22 for 2 ($15 for 1 - extra adults $11, children $5) on a powered site. It's a minor rate increase, but will make all the difference for campgrounds while still being an incredibly low, affordable rate to get you through the off-season with a tonne of savings!

A new list of participating campgrounds will be available by mid-March 2021 - watch this space.

**Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer


The agreement made for CampSaver between the NZMCA and participating campgrounds, is that CampSaver only applies to the ‘rate’ at a campground. All policies and procedures outside the rate are decided by each individual campground and are not dictated by the NZMCA.

Failure to follow the below may result in your expectations not being met and dissatisfaction of the CampSaver program/service available at a campground.

Participating campgrounds are not liable to make any exceptions to NZMCA members in failure to abide by rules and information outlined in the below.

T&C's: Before you use ‘CampSaver’

Check the Campground listing on the Travel App OR the ONLINE Travel Directory. This will tell you...

Check the Campground’s official website. This will often tell you need-to-know information before you can stay, such as...

Call ahead to make a booking...

T&C's: When claiming the rate

  • CampSaver is only for active, financial NZMCA members. Memberships are non-transferrable and should not be lent to non-members for them to redeem the rate. Campgrounds are entitled to request secondary proof of identification, if necessary to verify this.
  • A membership card (or silver financial card) should be presented at campgrounds & the CampSaver rate requested to be used. Failure to mention or ask to use the rate may result in the campground charging their normal rate.
  • For a non-member travelling with an NZMCA member, to have the rate extended to them they must be travelling in the same vehicle as the card holder. If they are travelling in a separate vehicle they are not entitled to the discount.
  • Select participating campgrounds have a limited number of powered sites. It is a first come, first serve basis, and if powered sites are not available, a non-powered site will be offered.