It has been enforced that New Zealand will move to COVID-19 Alert Level 4 on or before 11.59pm on Wednesday 25 March, to which all persons will then be required to self-isolate for a minimum of four weeks (aka. lockdown). 

Fortunately, Campgrounds have been declared as 'essential services' and are permitted and encouraged to stay open during Alert Level 4. However, one must remain at the same site for four weeks or until the Alert Level is reduced. (see full information here).

Due to the the unprecedented 'lockdown', the CampSaver program (set to begin 1-week into the 4-weeks) sits on uncertain terms. Until Alert Level 4 is raised, we ask that members understand and respect that all choices and decisions lie with each campground who has joined the program. Some campgrounds have chosen to remain open and some have closed and will remain as such, until further notice. Please keep in mind the 4-week self-isolation is not part of the original agreement for CampSaver, so for other camps, Campsaver may not be able to operate within this period of time.

Despite the current situation, CampSaver will run as intended this year. Once the self-isolation has lifted, we will have more information on which campgrounds will be open, closed and still participating in CampSaver. Find updates here on this page, and in each campground listing in the Online Travel Directory & Travel App. 

Your guide to affordable campground stays during the off-season

CampSaver is an NZMCA member benefit providing yet another low-cost parking option.

With CampSaver, you can find a range of affordable campgrounds at your fingertips, making travelling in the off-season easy - and you don’t have to break the bank to do so!

We’ve partnered with select campgrounds nationwide to offer members a guaranteed, attractive low-rate on campground stays in the off-season.

A list of participating will be avaliable for download here at the end of March 2020, and a physical list will be sent out in the Motor Caravanner Magazine April/May Issue. 

Simply present your membership card at any of the participating campgrounds and request to use ‘the CampSaver rate’.


The Rate:

In a vehicle, per night, on a powered site - 

$20 2x adults
$15 1x adult
$10 Each extra adult (exceeding 2)
$5 Per child (at the ages chosen by each camp)

The Off-season:

CampSaver is in effect from April 1st – October 31st for the year 2020.

This is the period to which the rate can be redeemed.


These major peak periods that fall within the above are excluded from the program. The rate cannot be redeemed during these dates.

  • Easter (Friday 10th – Monday 13th April 2020)
  • Anzac (Saturday 25th - Monday 27th April 2020)
  • Queen’s Birthday (Saturday 1st – Monday 3rd June 2020)
  • Labour Day  (Saturday 24th – Monday 26th October 2020)
  • Anniversary Weekend (dates respective to each region)

The Participating Campgrounds:

To be confirmed for March 2020.

Check out the TD Listing or the list of participating before you decide to stay at a campground; to find out the:

Each campground has their own definition of what they consider a ‘child’ & may choose to offer specific ages free of charge.
There may be an additional fee for use of any facilities. Facilities offered and their costs will be different at each campground.
A campground may be closed entirely during the CampSaver period where the CampSaver rate will be unavailable to be redeemed (e.g. for maintenance or unsuitable to park due to weather conditions). Any closures will be noted in the Online Travel Directory and Travel App for the campground to whom it applies.
There are several holidays excluded from this program, however campgrounds can choose to offer the CampSaver rate during these dates. Any campground offering the rate during any excluded period will be notes in the Online Travel Directory and Travel App for the campground to whom it applies.
All campgrounds determine the max length of time a person can stay at their campground on the CampSaver rate - many campgrounds do not offer long-term stays. A campgrounds policy around long term stays will be noted in the Online Travel Directory and Travel App for the campground to whom it applies.

Terms & Conditions when claiming the rate:

CampSaver is only for active, financial NZMCA members. Memberships are non-transferrable and should not be lent to non-members for them to redeem the rate. Campgrounds are entitled to request secondary proof of identification, if necessary to verify this.

A membership card (or silver financial card) should be presented at campgrounds & the CampSaver rate requested to be used. Failure to mention or ask to use the rate may result in the campground charging their normal rate.

For a non-member travelling with an NZMCA member, to have the rate extended to them they must be travelling in the same vehicle as the card holder. If they are travelling in a separate vehicle they are not entitled to the discount.

Select participating campgrounds have a limited number of powered sites. It is a first come, first serve basis, and if powered sites are not available, a non-powered site will be offered.