Stay at more campgrounds for less

Giving NZMCA member’s access to a network of campgrounds nationwide

CampSaver campgrounds give members a special rate when they stay with them. They’re often in great spots and it’s nice to have the luxury of a powered site or use the extra facilities available. There are two CampSaver seasons: Winter (April to Oct) and Summer (Nov to March excl. Xmas to Waitangi). When available, you’ll find the list of participating camps here and in your NZMCA App.

CampSaver Summer from 1 November

How does it work?

Simply show your membership card when you check in at any participating campground. Thank them for being part of the programme and say you’d like to use the 'CAMPSAVER RATE' (conditions apply, check the 'guidelines' in the link below).

When can I use it?

It’s available for stays from 1 November 2021 to 31 March 2022 excluding 16 December 2021 to 7 February 2022.

Other exclusions:

  1. All public holidays/long weekends excluded from Thursday night to Monday night.
  2. All regional anniversary weekends.
  3. Some campgrounds have additional excluded periods that are their 'peak periods'. We don’t expect them to offer discounted rates when there is high demand on the space available.

How much will I save?:

Campgrounds offer either a discounted rate OR a fixed rate. The rate applies to a vehicle, per night, on a powered site. If a powered site is not available a non-powered will be offered at the same price. Check the NZMCA App for each camp before you go:

Number of people Discounted Rate Fixed Rate
2x adults 25% off a vehicle Up to $22
1x adult May apply Up to $18
Each extra adult (more than 2) May apply - check the app Up to $11
Per child (varies by camp) May apply - check the app Up to $5 

Where can I stay?

This list will be updated as more campgrounds join. The most up-to-date list of participating will always be on the NZMCA App. A printed booklet will only be available to those who opt-in. If you’d like us to send you one, please email [email protected]

Things you need to know

Each camp operates a little differently within the programme and there could be restrictions and conditions that apply. To be sustainable it’s important this programme remains a WIN/WIN for members and campgrounds. We want to keep growing the number and coverage of campgrounds participating so we need your help to ensure they welcome us back.

Check out the full CampSaver Programme Guidelines here

The six most important need to knows: 

  1. Check each campground listing on the NZMCA App before you go there. If you don’t have access, please download the printed list and refer to the printed Travel Directory
  2. Participating campgrounds are not NZMCA Parks. They’re independently owned so please respect and follow their rules/policies
  3. Check in and check out times apply
  4. The CampSaver Winter & Summer seasons have a different list of participating. Campgrounds won't always be in both seasons.
  5. CampSaver is only for NZMCA members who can show proof of their membership e.g. personalised membership card on the App or the physical card
  6. Please help our campground friends by booking in advance where possible. They really appreciate it if you call ahead so they know you’re coming and can reserve the space for you. When you call let them know you’re a NZMCA member and would like to use the CampSaver rate.