The association was founded

Andy and Gladys Anderson of Gisborne formed the NZMCA on March 22 1956 & became membership number 1

1st NZMCA Rally was organised and held at Opoutama in Hawkes Bay

This was also the year that the 1st iteration of an insurance scheme specific to members was offered.

Bulletin number 38 came out containing a list of 26 members offering occasional overnight parking

This later became the Park Over Property scheme which was formally set up in 1991

Formal bylaws for area reps and committees were introduced

These representatives and committees which are all voluntary, is the heart of the Association

The National Office as we know it today was set up in Takanini, Auckland

A significant year that also saw the formation of the 1st Special Interest Groups (SIG) & the rebirth of the Bulletin as The Motor Caravanner

The 1st DOC/NZMCA Campsite Pass was made available exclusively to members

The pass underscores the important relationship between the Department of Conservartion (DOC) and the NZMCA

Acquisition of the domain name and the launch of the 1st version of the Association website

Two years into the new millennium, it would soon become clear that technology would become an important part of the Association

REO restoration: a labour of love

The unveiling of the NZMCA’s #1 motorhome – which was originally owned by the Association’s founders, Andy and Gladys Anderson – was the highlight of the recent 63rd National Rally, in Gisborne.

Here’s the Eastland Area’s story of how hundreds of hours of volunteer labour have transformed the vehicle from a rusting wreck into an authentic, fully-operational piece of club history.


Down Memory Lane

John Spain, was not called Mr. NZMCA for nothing.

He holds the record to this day of being the only member who has occupied the roles of President, Vice-President and Treasurer. He also ran the insurance scheme and for 25 years, was a Self-Containment officer as well. But it’s the role of historian that he will be remembered by; his book, ‘Down Memory Lane’- written for the Association’s 50th and about the 1st five decades- remains to be the only document of its kind. It's now out of print and we can't give a definite date on when or how it would be reprinted. But for those wanting to read this significant account of the Association's history, a PDF document would do for now.