Members are committed to the following code of conduct:

  • Treat others with respect and courtesy wherever you are.
  • Be a considerate and safe driver. Obey NZ road safety rules, and pull over to let others pass.
  • Keep and leave your camp site clean and tidy – perhaps even cleaner than you found it.
  • Dispose of black and grey wastewater and rubbish in a sanitary and approved manner.
  • Avoid causing visual or noise pollution, e.g. only use generators, stereos etc at appropriate times during the day and don't hang washing out in places that may offend others.
  • Park your vehicle with safety in mind, in case of fire or flooding. Three metres from other vehicles or inhabited buildings is recommended.
  • Observe fire restrictions. Use built fireplaces and portable BBQs if you wish to cook outside.
  • Comply with local animal control by-laws. Keep your pets under control and pick up after them.
  • Be discreet when choosing an overnight parking spot - consider how the surrounding neighbours may react.
  • Respect restrictions for length of stay - do not overstay your welcome. If asked to move on, do so gracefully.
  • Offer to pay for facilities used. Water, power, waste disposal, road and ground maintenance all cost money.
  • Do not demand discounts or special treatment using the Association name.
  • Abide by NZMCA regulations.

Non-compliance with this code of conduct is deemed to be conduct detrimental to the Association – membership may be suspended or revoked after due investigation

Online Complaints Form

Do you strongly believe that a member has breached the Code of Conduct?

Where a member fails to comply with the conduct obligations, the member may be subject to the disciplinary procedures set out in clause 4 of the Association's Bylaws. and this could result in suspension or termination of the member's membership. 

So if you believe that there may have been a breach of this Code of Conduct and would like to fill out a complaint form, CLICK HERE

Do you know the rules for using an NZMCA Park?

Member conduct is never been more highlighted than when using one of the Association's current 45 parks. Watch the video to familiarise yourself with the rules.