This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to reach over 116,000 of New Zealand’s most regular domestic tourists in over 61,000 households nationwide. NZMCA members love exploring our big backyard – especially off the beaten track. Over 62% of our members travel in their camper over five times a year and 29% travel more than 10 times! 

NZMCA is a not-for-profit organisation that has been growing since 1956 by continuing to give members great value. 85% of them said they’re keen on Local Deals so that’s why we’ve created the Local Deals marketplace to connect more businesses with our members. We want this to be a WIN/WIN and help local businesses bounce back and thrive.

As well as recommending good places to stay and motor caravan related tips to each other, they enjoy discovering new places to go, eat, shop and play. They also love deals and competitions. So, if you’re willing to give our members an appealing deal, that they can’t get elsewhere, then we’ll promote you and your deal. It doesn’t have to be a discount, it could be a competition, bonus or an experience money can’t buy.

You’ll reach our members for up to one month in the NZMCA app and website. Over 80% of our members use our app and it’s their preferred travel app. There’s no contract or subscription.

The low advertising cost is designed to cover our costs rather than make ad revenue. We know a lot of businesses are hurting and we want to keep the cost as low as possible to make it accessible for most small businesses.

Fill out the form below to list your deal and pre-pay with your CC/DC. If you have any questions or need help email us. All deals are subject to NZMCA’s approval. Please allow up to three working days for the review/approval. If your ad isn’t approved, you’ll get a full refund. Full Local Deal terms and conditions

For queries, contact Georgia-Rae Lochore (Communications Administrator) [email protected] or Rachel Lee (Advertising & Partners Manager) [email protected]

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