We are proud of our sustainability values, so to assist us along our sustainable journey, the NZMCA joined the Sustainable Business Network, which is a forum of over 550 New Zealand Businesses that are interested in sustainable development practice.

By committing to sustainability we will operate cost-efficiently, attract and retain loyal members, offer a great place to work, while protecting the environment and communities we stay in. It will also improve our relationships with key stakeholders including local and central government.

In our first year (2010), the NZMCA entered into the SBN’s ‘Get Sustainable Challenge’ and received a Judges Commendation Award at the Northern Region Awards in recognition of our current sustainable practices.

The North Canterbury NZMCA Area doing the annual Spring Clean
The North Canterbury NZMCA Area doing the annual Spring Clean

NZMCA Sustainable Activities

Dump station subsidy scheme – providing financial assistance to the installation of free public dump stations across New Zealand • Recycling at the National Office and some of our NZMCA Parks

Certified self containment scheme – NZMCA is the driving force behind this standard and provides this service free to members

Area Rallies – often organized to coincide with a sustainable events e.g. dune restoration, spring clean and tree planting days

Members of the NZ Freedom Camping Forum – a group of industry representatives dedicated to minimising the impacts of freedom camping within New Zealand

How Can You Travel More Sustainably?

Travelling sustainably doesn’t require a major lifestyle change! It often involves small changes to your day-to-day activities. The benefits are financial, environmental and social, not to forget the personal satisfaction in knowing that you are doing what you can do to help keep New Zealand beautiful! Visit our Sustainable Driving page for tips.

What is 'Sustainable Driving'? 

If there is an initiative you think NZMCA should be involved with, or have you some quick tips on how members can be sustainable, please forward them to the Resource Management Coordinator.

Click here to read the NZMCA Environmental Care Code