Placing an ad in The Motor Caravanner magazine

Anyone may advertise - For Sales, Wanteds or Other - in The Motor Caravanner, the A4 size Association magazine that is published every two months - January, March, May, July, September and November. STRICTLY NOT FOR COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING.

Current Rates (Public)

Run on or Regular: 1/16th page

$72 - 60 words maximum, no photo

High Impact: 1/9th page

$142 - 60 words maximum, with or without photo

Enhanced Impact: 1/4th page

$286 - 200 words maximum, with or without photo

Premium: 1/2 page

$572 - 300 words maximum, with or without photo

Deluxe: Full Page


Payment & photos

Payment must accompany your advertisement – either cheque, cash or credit card (include details). We do not accept money orders. Please include your membership number or you will be charged non-member rates and don't forget to include your phone number or email address in your advertisement text.

When supplying a photo and you would like it returned, please provide a stamped, self addressed envelope. To repeat adverts in future issues you must supply the photo again with payment. Photos can also be emailed to as high resolution jpeg files.

Please include the area where your vehicle can be viewed.

PLACE YOUR AD HERE (Are you an NZMCA member? Log in first to get the member-only rates)