Placing an ad in The Motor Caravanner magazine

Anyone may advertise - For Sales, Wanteds or Other - in The Motor Caravanner, the A4 size Association magazine that is published every two months - January, March, May, July, September and November. STRICTLY NOT FOR COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING.

Looking for the Classifieds section in the current issue of The Motor Caravanner? Download a PDF copy of the magazine (member-access only).

Current Rates (Public)

Run on or Regular: 1/16th page

$72 - 60 words maximum, no photo

High Impact: 1/9th page

$142 - 60 words maximum, with or without photo

Enhanced Impact: 1/4th page

$286 - 200 words maximum, with or without photo

Premium: 1/2 page

$572 - 300 words maximum, with or without photo

Payment & photos

Payment must accompany your advertisement – either cash or credit card (include details). We do not accept money orders or cheques. Please include your membership number or you will be charged non-member rates and don't forget to include your phone number or email address in your advertisement text.

When supplying a photo and you would like it returned, please provide a stamped, self addressed envelope. To repeat adverts in future issues you must supply the photo again with payment. Photos can also be emailed to [email protected] as high resolution jpeg files.

Please include the area where your vehicle can be viewed.

PLACE YOUR AD HERE (Are you an NZMCA member? Log in first to get the member-only rates)