Welcome to the motor home lifestyle choice

Making the decision to purchase a motor home and travel some of the beautiful spots we have in New Zealand is a great decision.  Some of us live full time on the road,  others have very long vacation times and still, more have many lovely short breaks away. Our membership is growing throughout New Zealand every year so you will see many of your fellow ‘wings’ members on the road.  Give them a wave, you never know, you might need their help one day. 

Being safe whilst we travel is very important and we need to do as much as possible to keep ourselves and others safe. Health & Safety is a  personal responsibility, but then our wider scope means we need to be aware of the health and safety of others. We have managed our own health for years and I know that we try and always do things as safely as we can. Accidents happen but there are things we can do in order to keep ourselves and others free from harm. I have listed some things for you to be aware of in your motorhome that may assist in keeping you and others safe. Some of these items should be checked (batteries) as working and changed if applicable at least annually. 

  • Fire alarm
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Gas alarm
  • Fire extinguisher (needs to be checked annually)
  • Emergency torch
  • First aid kit
  • Spare batteries for torches,  alarms etc
  • Sturdy step (for entering and exiting if you have a high step up)
  • Hand rail (for using the stairway)
  • Yellow cloth (big enough to place on the driver’s side wing mirror in case you need assistance when broken down on the side of the road)
  • Medical information (template available on website) detailing medications taken by each person on board (in case of emergency) this can kept in the sink area, ie inside cupboard door or drawer

Download the First Aid/Emergency Response Details Form

Deborah Bradley is the current NZMCA adviser for Health & Safety

NZMCA Technical Advisers provide free advice to current members in the following areas; NZTA, electrical, gas and health & safety. To access their contact details you need to log into the website.