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Physical Address: 4 Graham Road, Takanini 2112
Postal Address: PO Box 72147, Papakura 2244
Phone: 09 298 5466
Fax: 09 298 5646

The NZMCA National office is open Monday to Friday, 8am till 4.30pm. To meet with someone else in the team, please pre-book to guarantee they’re available. The Publications Team are physically based in Rosedale on the North Shore of Auckland.


Send your email to the right department

To ensure that your email is properly and promptly addressed, send it to the right department. Click on the email links below ( if this doesn't work, simply copy paste the email addresses). 


If you are a member please make sure to include your membership number in your email.

Membership Services including subscription renewals ([email protected])
Self-Containment ([email protected])
Dump Stations 
NZMCA Properties 
Travel Directory/Park Over Property Scheme (POP)/Pop queries & issues ([email protected]
Website concerns & issues ([email protected]
NZMCA App: Points of Interest, TD site issues only ([email protected])
NZMCA GPS ([email protected])
Motorhome Friendly Towns Scheme 
The Motor Caravanner Magazine Classifieds ([email protected])
Accounts Payable ([email protected])
Non Member Accounts Receivable ([email protected])

Motor Caravan Insurance - Covi NZMCA Insurance | 0800 805 965 |
Motor Caravanner Magazine - Contact the Publications Team

Still not quite sure of where to send your email? Send it to our Membership Services Team ([email protected])

Submitting a Complaint

If you have a complaint, dispute or grievance against the Association, an employee or a member you may submit a complaint which will be dealt with in accordance with the rules set out in the Constitution and Bylaws. Members of the Association should submit a complaint using the Official Complaint Form, and members of the public should email [email protected] including your name and as much detail as possible.