CampSaver is a year-round programme with peak exclusions. 


When can I use CampSaver? As you’d expect, peak exclusions apply. There are no standard dates – they vary by camp. 

What is the CampSaver rate? There’s no minimum night’s stay and you’ll save heaps. Camps will offer you 25% discount OR a fixed rate of $22 for two adults ($18 for one), which applies to a vehicle, per night, on a powered site. Conditions apply.  

Who is participating? Download the A4 PDF here to see a list of 84 nationwide participating camps. Camps can update their details at any time so we recommend you check their listing in our app for the most up to date details before you arrive. A printed list is available on request. 

(Banner photo above is of the Gentle Annie Seaside Accommodation & Camping Ground in Westport, TD #6436)

What is CampSaver?

CampSaver gives you more places to stay for less. It’s a great option if you’re travelling with kids, need power, a bigger shower, or access to their other convenient facilities – without breaking the bank. Please support our CampSaver camps - you’re spoilt for choice with more than 85 camps nationwide.  

How does it work?

Show your membership card (physical or in app) when you check in at any participating campground and ask for the 'CAMPSAVER RATE' (conditions apply, check the 'guidelines' - currently unavaliable). 

When can I use it? 

There is no minimum night stay but as you’d expect, peak exclusions apply. There are no standard dates – they vary by camp. When you’re planning where to stay, please check the CampSaver camp listing in your NZMCA app or in your Travel Directory online to see what travel exclusion dates apply. 

How much will I save? 

Campgrounds offer either a discounted rate OR a fixed rate – they also have the flexibility to change this throughout the year so check the app to find out. –  Their rate applies to a vehicle, per night, on a powered site. If a powered site is not available a non-powered will be offered at the same price.  

Number of people   Discounted Rate  Fixed Rate
2x adults 25% off a vehicle $22
1x adult May apply* $18
Each extra adult May apply* $11
Per child (ages vary by camp) May apply* $5

*Single persons in a vehicle and non-members (extra adults and children) may not be able to redeem the discount. 

Where can I stay?

Use your NZMCA app or Travel Directory online to find the full details and exclusions of over 85 CampSaver camps nationwide. Camps can update their details at any time, so we recommend you check their listing in our app or online before you arrive.   

CLICK HERE for the PDF of 84 participating camps

The five most important need to knows:  

1. Check each campground listing on the NZMCA App before you go. Camps can update their details at any time. 

2. Participating campgrounds are not NZMCA Parks. They’re independently owned so please respect their rules/policies 

3. Check in and check out times apply. Please stick to them or see if arrangements can be made. The campgrounds are likely to charge their normal rate if their policies aren't followed.

4. CampSaver is only for NZMCA members who can show proof of their membership, conditions may apply. 

5. Please help our campgrounds by booking in advance where possible. They really appreciate it if you call ahead so they know you’re coming. 

Check back later for the full 2024 CampSaver Programme Guidelines  

Each camp operates differently within the programme. To be sustainable it’s important this programme remains a WIN/WIN for members and campgrounds. We want to keep growing the number and coverage of campgrounds participating so we need your help to ensure CampSaver runs as seamless as possible. 

Do you own a campground and want more information on joining the CampSaver programme? Click here for all the details