There are several things to consider when choosing the right insurance cover for your RV

  • What benefits are offered as part of your policy? 

  • Will you receive a fair settlement if you were to write off your vehicle? 

  • What additional extras are included? Will you be covered for a range of eventualities?

Cheaper insurance can often come with small print, misleading terms and conditions, and lower policy limits.  This increases the risk of a shortfall when it comes to claim time. All policies differ and it makes sense to understand the quality of protection offered by your chosen insurer. 

The NZMCA started an insurance scheme in 1958 so members could be assured their RV’s were adequately covered, this scheme is now called Covi NZMCA Insurance. Covi exists to provide members with the highest level of cover in the market and is trusted to operate in the best interests of NZMCA members.

What’s more, Covi continues to give back to the NZMCA each and every year. This money enables the NZMCA to provide numerous membership benefits such as NZMCA parks, the NZMCA travel directory and helping to fund the legal battles for members’ rights to freedom camp.

Covi are committed to protecting your vehicle and the future of the lifestyle for generations to come.

Key Benefits

Agreed value

Covi can insure your RV on a genuine agreed value basis for five years, based on the purchase price of the vehicle or a written valuation.

Fixtures and fittings

Automatic cover for permanent fixtures and fittings including furnishings, awnings, TVs, generators up to 3.5KW, radios, CB’s, radar detectors, GPS units and fire extinguishers.  


Automatic cover of up to $10,000 of motorhome and caravan-specific contents. 


Towing costs are covered up to $500 following a mechanical breakdown, less a $100 excess.


No excess on window glass claims for vehicles insured for less than $350,000. 

Open drivers

Anybody over the age of 25 with the appropriate licence and clean driving history is covered (commercial use excluded).  


Claims assistance is available 24/7 to ensure the vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible. 

Permanent residence

If the RV is your permanent home, Covi offer an additional contents policy to insure your personal items and will cover up to $700 a week of temporary accommodation, for 7 weeks, while you get back on the road.

Trailer Cover

Up to $1,500 for loss or damage to a trailer not otherwise insured.

For more information speak to one of the friendly Covi team members on 0800 805 965 or visit to find out more.