Rallies are social gatherings held all year round throughout New Zealand

Rallies provide new and potential members with the opportunity to meet like minded travellers forming new friendships. But more importantly, they're all about fun, entertainment and camaraderie amongst fellow members. 

While entertainment or activities may be planned at these rallies, the choice to take part in any, all or some is entirely your own; however, unless otherwise specified you must still pay the small rally fee requested. Also, if attending for part of the rally there may be a reduced fee or no charge at all, this will be determined by the venue and/or the organisers.

Rallying On

The first NZMCA rally ever organised was in 1958; several decades on, it continues to embody the spirit of volunteerism that is the driving force of the Association. But most importantly, it's also about having fun - you're expected to put work aside, pull up a chair and pour yourself a wine (or pop open a beer) when happy hour commences at 4pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

As each Area has different guide-lines for their rallies the appointment, duties and responsibilities of the Rally Marshal are determined by the Area. Generally, a Rally Marshal is in charge of the parking arrangements, the programme and the collection of rally fees. Some Areas have regular opportunities for joining with neighbouring Areas for a rally; or a Rally Book which you are asked to sign when attending a rally; or opportunities for sharing a meal or entertainment on offer, others do not and are a time for 'doing your own thing'. All aspects of organising Rallies are the responsibility of the Area concerned, please respect the conditions determined by the Area and the Rally Marshal. Contact the Rally Marshall or relevant Area Secretary for further information on a particular rally or event. The Contact Search field is on the right hand side of your Member Portal.
If you are a current NZMCA member you are certainly welcome to join a rally. Area-specific rallies are usually open to members in that area unless otherwise stated. The best way to know is to directly contact the Rally Marshal of the Area.
All current rallies and events are in the NZMCA Rallies section; go to 'Motorhome Friendly' and then to 'NZMCA Rallies'. NZMCA Areas and Special Interest Groups (SIG) plan rallies in advance.