The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc (NZMCA) is a membership based organisation representing the interests of private motorhome and caravan owners in New Zealand

Ever since its founding in 1956 by a small group of enthusiasts, the association has made it its mission to advance these interests by providing relevant services and information, promoting fellowship and strongly advocating for vehicle safety, road courtesy and protection of the environment.

Our members receive benefits including, but not limited to, discounts on services and products, free and low cost overnight sites, a dedicated insurance scheme and a range of handy publications & digital resources.

NZMCA Objects

A historical timeline of the NZMCA

Sharron King, President
Bruce Lochore, CEO

Association structure

The Association is a national body headed by a Board of Directors.

In the early 1970's several Area Representatives were appointed and in 1978, Area Committeeswere formed. Initially, Area Committees had a social function; organising rallies and working bees etc. Gradually, their responsibilities evolved to include producing their own newsletters and working with local councils and businesses to further motor caravanning in their district. That same year saw the establishment of a National Office which located to NZMCA-owned premises in Takanini, Auckland in 1995 where it is still located to this day.

In 2016, the Board created the position of CEO who is responsible to the Board for the overall administration of the affairs of the Association with Bruce Lochore as the first one to occupy it. The current president of the Association is Sharron King who holds the distinction of being the Association's first-ever female president after being elected in 2020. 

Meet the current members of the NZMCA Board

Our innovations

Our own insurance scheme

An insurance scheme designed by NZMCA members for NZMCA members

Advocating for Certified Self-Containment

The association actively promotes and supports certified self containment.

Our Park Over Property Scheme

The NZMCA was the first one to conceptualise the idea for a network of overnight parking locations on private land

The Motorhome Friendly Towns program

The ‘Motorhome Friendly Town’ scheme (or MHF for short) is a program that was started by the NZMCA to help make towns and events friendlier and more convenient for motorhome/caravan adventurers