What started out in 2010 as inspired by an equivalent scheme initiated by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (an overseas club affiliated with the NZMCA), has grown into not just a (growing) network of over 50 towns, but into a movement- one that has created awareness for a large segment of Kiwis who for generations, have enjoyed the lifestyle of freedom camping.

But freedom camping has become more complex & challenging in the last couple of years as environmental & social concerns have grown. The Motorhome Friendly program with the relationships it has built with councils since 2010, offers motor caravanners an easier way to navigate through that- the message is, ‘go visit & stay at this (motorhome friendly) town because it offers you essential amenities & services that are specific to your needs’.

Indeed- a legally-compliant Freedom Camping bylaw; a public dump station; access to potable water, refuse & recycling, medical facilities; vicinity to shops & service areas- these are the essentials that all motor caravanners need and more importantly, these are also the requirements that Motorhome Friendly towns must meet in order to be given this designation. 

So you can be assured that whatever motorhome friendly town you visit, your stay is so much more special knowing that you’re specifically welcomed.

(Image above is of Te Aroha, a Motorhome Friendly Town. Photo by Ryan A.)

Become a Motorhome-Friendly Town!

Are you a member of a local New Zealand council or tourism body? Are you interested in becoming a Motorhome Friendly destination? Would you like to advertise and promote your business or service?

Tick the checklist for your amenities

  • A legally-compliant Freedom Camping bylaw
  • A public dump station, Council owned
  • Access to potable water at Dump station site
  • Refuse and recycling facilities
  • Access to medical facilities
  • A general shopping area for groceries
  • A vehicle service centre