CARTER’S is the largest privately-owned tyre company in the Southern Hemisphere..

...and as independents, it’s not locked into one particular brand which means that they’re able to specify the right tyre for your specific needs. 


Partnership with the NZMCA

NZMCA partner Carter’s Tyre Service has a compelling offer for NZMCA members and is getting stuck in to ensure members know about it. The expert staff from Carter’s branches all around the country are making themselves available to attend Area Certified Self-Containment (CSC) days and it’s a new service that’s already proving extremely popular with members.

The new service has developed out of Carter’s Tyre Service’s long association with the NZMCA and the fact that the company’s owner, Garry Carter, is an NZMCA member. At the CSC days, Carter’s does tyre and battery checks and bringing along specialist equipment.

For tyres, that means having the weigh scales on hand to ensure accurate vehicle weighing. And this is important because we have already seen some members underestimating their vehicle’s laden weight and have not always been sold the right tyres for the job – as a result they are paying for it with their tyres wearing faster than they should be

Benefits for you

Find expert staff from Carter’s branches when you attend your Area's Certified Self- Containment (CSC) days and it’s a new service that’s already proving extremely popular with members.
  • As an NZMCA member you’re able to utilise Carter’s 24-hour a day, 7 days a week call-out service if you strike trouble – as long as you’ve got your membership card and credit card on you.
  • Members are welcome to fill up with water at any Carter’s branch.
  • In their new sites – three of which are now under construction, in Palmerston North, New Plymouth and Gisborne – Carter’s are looking out for members’ needs by building in dump station facilities.
  • And on top of all that, there’s a significant benefit for the Association too – the NZMCA benefits from a 5 per cent rebate on each tyre sold to a member. Add that up across the vehicles owned by our members and that’s potential for a substantial boost to NZMCA funds to help the Board buy more properties or hold your subs at their existing levels.

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