Insurance designed by NZMCA Members for NZMCA Members

Covi NZMCA Insurance is a specialist RV insurance provider with a trusted level of cover that is backed by the NZMCA.

Covi has an unmatched knowledge of our market and the specific insurance needs of RV owners.

What’s more, Covi is the only insurance provider to reinvest back in to our industry through the money it returns to the Association each and every year. This enables the NZMCA to provide numerous membership benefits such as NZMCA Parks, the NZMCA Travel Directory, dump stations and protecting members rights to freedom camp.

To talk to Covi about your RV, visit or speak to one of their friendly team on 0800 805 965.

This is a story about trust

A special thank you to Sharron King (President of the NZMCA) for her comments and to Doug and Fay (NZMCA members) who bravely shared their story.

The NZMCA started an insurance scheme in 1958 so NZMCA members could be assured their RVs were adequately protected. These days this scheme is called Covi NZMCA Insurance and we are proud of our history serving NZMCA members.

Covi Advantage: it pays to be a Covi client

Covi Advantage is an exclusive discount programme where we partner with businesses in our industry to offer you discounts just for being a Covi client.

The potential savings for Covi customers are substantial, and as our suite of partners grow, so will the opportunities for you to save. If you're a Covi customer and want to learn how to redeem any of these benefits, email us at [email protected] or call the friendly team on 0800 805 965.


Over the years, Covi NZMCA Insurance has developed our product to cater for the specific requirements that comes with owning a motorhome or caravan. Leave your worries behind, with Covi NZMCA, you're covered.

Who are our discount partners?


RSE are NZ's specialists in 12V motorhome and caravan entertainment products. Covi customers receive 10% of all RSE branded products purchased online at


SealX products clean, restore and protect your RV's fibreglass, paint, glass, leather and vinyl against UV damage, salt, dirt and grime. Covi customers receive 10% of all SealX applications. Applicator network can be found at


CorrosionX will rust proof your RV and waterproof your electrics. Covi customers receive 10% off all CorrosionX applications. Applicator network can be found at

RnR Publishing

Publishers of RV-NZToday Lifestyle and NZ Classic Driver Magazine. Save $50 by subscribing to RV-NZToday Lifestyle magazine. Covi customers pay just $40 for an 18 month subscription ($90 RRP).


Masport was established in Auckland in 1910 and has become a symbol for quality outdoor equipment for generations of New Zealanders. Covi customers receive 5% discount on the Masport range of Ziegler and Brown portable BBQs.


Oztent products are crafted from experience. Whether the adventure involves motorhoming, 4 wheel driving, fishing or just enjoying some relaxing time in the outdoors, Oztent have got you covered. Covi customers receive 10% discount across the entire Oztent range.

Here’s just some of the insurance cover benefits of Covi NZMCA Insurance

Covi Connect is a free mobile phone app for Covi clients providing insurance details in the palm of your hand.
Via Lumley, our Underwriter, there is a 24 hour assistance service available
We can insure your motor caravan on an agreed value based on the purchase price of the vehicle or a written valuation. What is agreed value? Agreed value is the amount we agree as the sum insured for your vehicle and what will be paid to you in the event of a total loss claim. This amount is always shown in the insurance policy schedule. The other basis of settlement is “indemnity” or “market” value, this is an items current value allowing for it’s age and condition immediately before the loss or damage happened.
A standard $500 excess applies. On most vehicles there is no excess on glass.
Anybody over the age of 25 years can drive your vehicle however they need to: Have your permission to be driving as well as hold a valid and appropriate drivers license for the applicable class of vehicle. Please note that any relevant driving history i.e. traffic convictions, speeding fines, etc. would need to be disclosed to us. If you are in doubt about what information needs to be disclosed please check with us.
We will cover the insured for any charge that the NZ Fire Service is authorised to make in respect of a Hazardous Substances Emergency in connection with the insured vehicle during the period of insurance regardless of whether the insured vehicle has sustained loss.
Covi NZMCA Insurance offers temporary accommodation costs of up $700 a week for up to seven weeks. Covi NZMCA Insurance also has a contents policy to cover your personal effects when your motor caravan is your permanent place of residence.
The policy covers reasonable costs incurred in salvaging any load carried by the insured vehicle following a loss up to a maximum of $5,000 for any one accident.
We will cover your motor caravan and materials whilst under going refurbishment up to the sum insured nominated and on your insurance schedule.
Following a loss we will pay for the reasonable costs incurred in the salvage, recovery or disposal of the insured vehicle. In the event of mechanical breakdown of the insured vehicle we will pay up to $500 (subject to prior consent) per breakdown to deliver the vehicle to the nearest suitable repairer up to a maximum of $750 per insurance period.
In the event of a claim for loss or damage to the insured vehicle we will pay the reasonable costs incurred for transportation and travel expenses of the insured and/or their family permanently residing with them to their normal place of residence within N.Z up to $1,500 during any one insurance period.
You are covered for damage that your vehicle causes to someone else’s property (including a road) caused by the weight of the vehicle (see the policy wording for the applicable excess and full cover details).
If the insured dies as a result of an accident covered by this policy we will pay $5,000 to the insured's estate regardless of any other insurance provided the death occurs within 90 days of the date of the accident.
Including: Furnishings; Awnings; Generators (up to 3.75KW); TVs; Radios; CBs; Radar detectors; GPS; Fire extinguishers
This covers hidden gradual damage caused by water which accidentally leaks or overflows from any: Window; Door; Toilet system; Shower system; Internal water pipe; Internal waste disposal pipe; Internal water tank or internal waste tank permanently installed in your vehicle. This is an exclusive Covi NZMCA Insurance policy feature designed especially for motor caravans.
The policy provides up to $1,500 for loss or damage to a trailer not otherwise insured.
The insured vehicle may be modified from the manufacturers specifications in the conversion to a Motor Caravan in such a way as to comply with all the relevant Regulations issued by the Land Transport Authority.
Items such as bedding, linen, cooking utensils, outdoor furniture and the like that are normally used in connection with a motor caravan and are not otherwise insured (a limit of $2,000 per item applies).