Objects of the Association

As the national body for the administration, promotion and support of recreational and leisure motor homing and caravanning in New Zealand the objects of the Association are to:


  • Promote the safe and courteous operation of certified self contained Motor Caravans in New Zealand
  • Promote road safety, safe driving and courteous behaviour by all Members
  • Promote and foster good fellowship and enjoyment of Motor Caravan activities amongst all Members
  • Promote the provision of safe overnight Motor Caravan parking facilities for Members throughout New Zealand
  • Promote environmental sustainability and protection of the natural environment
  • Promote leadership in all matters associated with Motor Caravan activities in New Zealand
  • Monitor, promote, protect and advocate the collective interests and benefits of the Association and its Members in all matters, whether legislative, regulatory or otherwise that may affect Motor Caravan activities
  • Seek out and provide Member benefits
  • Promote local and regional membership activities through the establishment of Areas and Special Interest Groups
  • Promote and protect the registered brand of the Association
  • Build positive working relationships with central, regional and local government
  • Abide by all Statutes