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Product PLU Description Inspection Type RRP from* NZMCA Discount
Light campervan CPL

Campervan Light

(less than 3,500 kg)

WOF $87 20%
Standard Campervan CPS

Campervan Standard

(3,501 to 10,000 kg)

COF $205 8%
Heavy Campervan CP2H

Campervan Heavy - 2 Axle

(GVM over 10,001 kg)

COF $229 8%
Heavy Campervan CP3H Campervan Heavy - 3 or more axles COF $278 8%
Caravan CVN Caravan WOF $67 20%
Campervan Trailers CVT

Campervan Trailers

(GVM more than 3501 kg)

COF $229 8%
Car WOF WF1 Car WOF WOF $78 20%
Maintenance Check MCU 14-point Maintenance Check $49 10%
Maintenance Check MCU

14-point Maintenance Check at

time of WOF

- $28 -
Pre-purchase inspection PPE Pre-Purchase check (excludes motorhomes) - $199 20%

Terms and Conditions:

  • Discount does not apply to WOF + Basic Service Combo. 
  • There may be additional services that branches provide where no discounts are offered.  Please check with the branch to enquire about costs.
  • *Actual prices may vary from the standard RRP above depending on the branch's price band. Ring the branch to enquire.

VTNZ rolls out their Premium Booking Service
What is this service?  It offers VTNZ’s customers the ability to book a variety of services, primarily focused on heavy vehicles. 

The service promises a reduction in wait times and queues, has a centralised and supported booking service experience for customers and offers an ability to book a dedicated inspection/certification time which allows for improved traffic flow and management.

To date, VTNZ has 21 sites on their network that offers this service. With more sites coming later in 2023.

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