First of all, here are the categories you need to list under

Registered camping ground with a dump station (CDS):

A camping ground registered with the local council that provides FREE use of a dump station for camp residents or at a charge to casual users. There is a charge associated with staying overnight at the campground.

Registered camping ground without a dump station (CWO):

A camping ground registered with the local council that does not have a dump station, however offers NZMCA members a discount off normal rates and/or is dog friendly. There is a charge associated with staying overnight at the camping ground.

Park Over Properties (POP):

Private properties that provide either free overnight parking (no request for donations, or set fees or visitors will be required to pay if using facilities, e.g. power, fresh water, toilets, and showers), or have applicable fees*, i.e. request donations, or set fees (it is expected fees be in proportion to what is provided and reasonably less than local camping ground fees).

Club or Association (Clubs):

Includes all Sports Clubs, RSA’s, Workingmen’s Clubs etc. There may be some conditions of use and/or a small charge for members who park overnight.

*Asking visitors to pay a donation or charging them a fee (regardless of the amount) to park overnight may require you to apply for exemptions under the Camping-grounds Regulations 1985. Please follow this link for further information on the requirement and exemption process (link here). If you are unsure whether your POP site requires a resource consent or exemptions under the Camping-grounds Regulations, please contact your local council and ask to speak to their duty planner.  If you are unsure what the duty planners advice means, please contact the NZMCA. We have a small team of in-house planning and policy professionals who may be able to provide you with high level advice on what to do next if the council confirms you require a resource consent or exemptions from the regulations.