What is NZMCA Mobile?

Our friends at Wireless Nation offer mobile phone plans at exclusive member pricing. We call this NZMCA Mobile and they launched it on the back of their successful wireless broadband solution NZMCA Data.

If you're looking for a mobile phone plan you can get NZMCA Mobile on its own - it uses the Spark network so you'll get the same coverage. If you're wondering "why make the switch?" there's a number of reasons - mainly because members love to bundle it with their NZMCA Data connection (which operates on the Vodafone network). Having both saves money, means only one monthly payment from one provider, and for those rural areas your phone doesn't get service your NZMCA Data likely will.

Will it suit my needs?

Having a mobile phone plan is essential if you have a phone. Consider how much internet you use daily and whether going on holiday will increase how much you use it. Whether you use the internet for basic needs or more frequently will affect how much data you need. 

If you use the internet for basic needs like emailing, online banking, social media or the NZMCA App, and only use your phone to do it then an NZMCA Mobile plan will give you enough data. If your internet usage increases a little when you go on holiday, choose a higher plan. 

If you like to use your tablet, laptop or like to share your data with someone else, just switch on your hotspot (free of charge with Wireless Nation) to share your phone's data - but leave it for rare occasions to save on data.

If you use the internet for basic and advanced needs like downloading, streaming or working from home, or you use it often on more than one device, then an NZMCA Mobile plan might not be enough data for you.

Consider bundling NZMCA Mobile with NZMCA Data and connect your phone to your modems WiFi when you're in range, saving phone data for when you really need it. If you're in an area your phone can't get signal, your NZMCA Data should keep you connected to the internet.

What does NZMCA Mobile include?

All NZMCA Mobile plans include unlimited standards calls and texts (NZ/AU), hotspotting and data, so you can access the internet easily from your phone. 

  • A choice of 3 plans, 2GB5GB Endless (NEW), and 40GB Endless Data.
  • Keep your existing mobile number for no extra charge
  • It's a simple sim card switch
  • One bill with one provider when you have NZMCA Data & Mobile 
  • A portion of revenue from each connection goes back to the NZMCA to help improve member benefits and parks
  • Easily contactable and excellent customer service from Wireless Nation