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Why bundling portable WiFi and Mobile is a great solution for members

Motor caravanners live a unique lifestyle and when you’re out on the road you still want reliable internet like a home connection gives you. For some, when you’re travelling you could get away with using only your phone for the internet. But for others a mobile phone plan might not give you enough data, it could be costly, and you might lose signal when you’re off the grid. 

This is why getting WiFi for your vehicle and bundling it with a mobile phone plan is a good solution for members. Especially if you use the internet for streaming Netflix, also like to use your laptop or tablet, or if you’re away for weeks at a time. 

Our friends at Wireless Nation offer portable WiFi (NZMCA Data), a modem you can use at home and in your motor caravan, which works best when paired with their mobile phone plans (NZMCA Mobile).  

Why have both with Wireless Nation?

Gives you duel network coverage: 

NZMCA Data uses the Vodafone network and NZMCA Mobile uses the Spark network, so when one loses signal you can still be covered by the other!  

A dual network improves WiFi Calling which allows you to make and receive cellphone calls via WiFi across NZ, even when you have a weak or no mobile signal.    

One provider = one bill = one contact for help: 

When your WiFi and Mobile is with the same provider it means one monthly bill and the same contact for help. Wireless Nation are all about good customer service, so no robots, no long wait times, and no overseas call centres.  

Avoid paying for mobile phone data you don’t need: 

Bundling your portable WiFi and Mobile means you don’t need as much data on your mobile plan. Simply connect your phone to WiFi and save your data for when you need it. 

Wireless Nation have released two new bundle plans that are the most popular options for NZMCA members. It’s 2GB for mobile phone data with Unlimited Calling  & TXTs NZ/AU), and your choice of 60GB or 300GB for WiFi.  

Hassle-free set-up 

Getting a Wireless Nation mobile plan is seamless, you’ll keep your current mobile number and just switch out your SIM card. Their portable WiFi is just as easy, you simply plug in the modem to power anywhere you need it and connect your device using you own private password. 


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