More places to stay for less with CampSaver 



When can I use CampSaver?

As you’d expect, peak exclusions apply. There are no standard dates – they vary by camp. We want to keep and grow the number of CampSaver camps so we need to make sure it’s a WIN/WIN for them and us. Most camps will exclude April and mid-December to mid-January. 

What is the CampSaver rate?

There’s no minimum night’s stay and you’ll save heaps. Camps will offer you 25% discount OR a fixed rate of $22 for two adults ($18 for one), which applies to a vehicle, per night, on a powered site. Conditions apply.  

How do I find a CampSaver camp?

Use your NZMCA app or Travel Directory online to find over 84 camps nationwide. A printed list is available on request. Camps can update their details at any time so we recommend you check their listing in our app or online before you arrive.   

Our campgrounds really appreciate it if you book ahead. Space is subject to availability so booking ahead also avoids disappointment. 

How do I get the CampSaver discount? 

  • Show your membership card (physical card or in your app) and ask for the CampSaver rate when you check in. If you’re unable to show eligibility the campground is likely to charge their normal rate.  
  • CampSaver is only available for financial NZMCA members and depending on the chosen CampSaver rate, at the camp’s discretion, may be available for any non-members (extra adults or children) travelling with them.  
  • CampSaver is only for members named on the NZMCA membership card shown when you check in. Memberships should not be lent to non-members for them to redeem the rate.  
  • Depending on the chosen CampSaver rate, if a non-member (extra adult or child) is travelling with an NZMCA member it is at the discretion of the camp if the rate is extended to them, but they must be travelling in the same vehicle as the cardholder. If they’re travelling in a separate vehicle they’re not entitled to the discount.  
  • Stick to the campgrounds conditions including check in/ out times, max night stay and booking policy. The campground is likely to charge their normal rate if you don't follow these conditions. 

What flexibility do campgrounds have?

This will vary between camps. Some may choose to offer specific ages free of charge. 
There may be additional fees for use of any facilities e.g. laundry. A list of facilities available will be in their listing.
Camps can set a maximum night stay on the CampSaver rate. If you wish to stay longer, it’s up to the camp whether they’ll keep giving you the CampSaver rate.
As you’d expect, peak exclusions apply. There are no standard dates – they vary by camp. Most camps will exclude April and mid-December to mid-January. When you’re planning where to stay, please check the peak exclusions in their app or online listing.
Members must comply with the times set by each camp. Feel free to call ahead to negotiate an earlier arrival or later check out time. Fees may apply. 
There may be a maximum vehicle length at a camp, depending on the size of their sites. 
A camp may reserve a small number of powered sites at their discretion that aren’t available on the CampSaver rate. If a powered site isn’t available on the CampSaver rate, the camp may offer you a non-powered site for the same CampSaver rate. CampSaver sites are subject to availability.  To avoid disappointment and secure your spot, please help our campground friends by pre-booking and calling ahead where possible.  


The CampSaver programme affects the ‘rate’ at a campground. Participating campgrounds are independently owned so please respect and follow their rules/policies, they’re not dictated by the NZMCA. All conditions and restrictions on this page are stated on the individual camps Travel Directory listing on the NZMCA app/website to the best of our abilities. Information is always subject to change so where necessary, please contact the camp before you go especially if you have strict requirements.  

Do you own a campground and want more information on joining the CampSaver programme? Click here for all the details