How to go about finding an Electrical Inspector near you

To find an electrical inspector close to you, log into the Members Portal and find one under Contact Search. 

  • You need to click on contact type and scroll down to select electrical inspector.
  • Under Area Committee, select the area you want (by default, your recorded address will show your NZMCA Area).
  • Hit search and it will bring up a list of inspectors who are members of the NZMCA  in your area.

Note: you can also check neighbouring NZMCA Areas just in case the electrical inspector’s location may be nearer to yours. If no one is listed in your area a quick call to the National Electrical Advisor is advised.

Having an Electrical WOF is a requirement of law in New Zealand

The standard covering this is AS/NZS 3001.

A current Warrant of Electrical Fitness is required before the motorhome/caravan can be connected to the 230 volt supply system. The electrical WOF is valid for four years from month of issue. A warrant can only be issued by a Registered Electrical Inspector.

A copy of the WoEF form together with an identifying sticker for the vehicle window will be issued to the owner. This shall be deemed to be proof of compliance. 

There will be a charge for your warrant as Electrical Inspectors have some substantial costs to maintain their equipment, insurances and practicing license.

The maintaining of your WOF is a safety issue and would undoubtedly raise some legal investigation if there were to be a fire or electrical accident. Please check that your electrical WOF is up to date before you travel.

The NZMCA has over 60 Electrical Inspectors nationwide who are available to help you

These inspectors are qualified to inspect vehicles against the New Zealand Standard for warrant of electrical fitness of motor caravans and caravans – AS/NZS 3001. Due to vehicles needing to have a current warrant of electrical fitness, and it being a requirement of NZ law, electrical Inspectors shoulder a lot of responsibility.

The NZMCA listed electrical inspectors are members of the association who make themselves available to inspect members’ vehicles and promote responsible motor caravanning through certified warrant of electrical fitness (WoEF). 

Financial members are welcome to login to the members’ section of this website and contact a local electrical inspector(s) to arrange a vehicle inspection at a convenient time and place. Along with vehicle inspections, electrical inspectors are available to assist financial members with any queries relating to vehicle certification against the Standard. 

Our national Electrical Advisor is also available to answer any questions pertaining to the electrical certification and other queries. This person also has an extensive list of inspectors throughout the country who, like our member inspectors,  offer discounts and services to our membership should there be no one in your area. As non-members these inspectors are not listed on the members’ portal.

When contacting an NZMCA listed electrical inspector please remember they are there to help us so we would ask that you try to observe reasonable hours of calling, preferably between 8:30am to 8:00pm.

We would ask that you arrange a convenient appointment time to take your vehicle to them, otherwise the inspectors, who operate their own businesses, will charge extra for time and mileage. When arranging a vehicle inspection, please ask the registered electrical inspector to confirm their inspection fee. 

Disclaimer: please be aware the NZMCA does not endorse other issuing authorities operating under AS/NZS 3001. The NZMCA only lists electrical inspectors who are members

Marcus van Maanen is the current NZMCA Electrical Adviser

NZMCA Technical Advisers provide free advice to current members in the following areas; NZTA, electrical, gas and health & safety. To access their contact details you need to log into the website.